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Deganit has saved me from the depths of confusion, despair and grief time and time again...She has a way of making the hardest things feel light and hopeful and injecting sweetness and magic into the darkness. ..She is love personified.

Deganit is truly a master at her craft... Her intuitive readings could not be more correct or insightful... Deganit is a miracle worker!

She gently went straight to my core issues then eased their pressure with her intuitive acupuncture. I've never had someone get so real about who I really am.

Let Deganit in and she will show you the truths you won't let yourself hear- reflecting the love and light that you possess and magnifying it times a million with her own.

This new integrated method of healing is one that will help move you forward instead of just relying on the techniques that have never worked in the past.”

... After a few minutes of chatting she tapped into some pretty deep things that I am only recently discovering. She helped me see deeper within myself and did so with grace and kindness.

Time and again, Deganits readings have proven accurate & helped guide me to make the best decisions with the most favorable outcome. She’s like a life coach with an intuitive edge that makes all the difference!

Deganit brings it all to the table: solid acupuncture skills, spot-on intuitive ability, and a personality that makes one feel instantly comfortable. In short, she rocks.

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