Checking Yourself is Honoring Yourself

Posted on: Jun 06, 2017

Hey, sweets,

While I have every intention of filling this space with subject-related bon mots so we all get a nice return on our time and energy investment, the truth is that this month’s message is quite brief.

Check yourself. *

The devil-may-care part of me wants to leave things there, so that you, dear Readers, might (ideally) engage in galvanic interpretive discussions about it in the comments, but it’s probably best if I explain at least one of my own takes, so here goes:

These are high stakes times. For many of us, the sheer vastness of these stakes can feel pretty overwhelming. It’s “easy” to respond with some version of the following sentiment(s): “I feel like the world is spinning out of control and/or I might be flipping my lid. How do I cope? How do I maintain some semblance of normalcy? What does “normalcy” even mean anymore? How do I confront my growing desire to park on the couch and self-medicate with a mixing bowl full of booze-moistened cereal and feel-good flicks? How do I actually – healthfully – function when all the things feel sort-of-close-to-hopeless? How, Sway? HOW?” Again: overwhelming.

Checking yourself is a quick and easy way remember to refer to your inner navigational system – your mind/body/spirit GPS that points you toward tender self-care. This self-check helps you identify the places within you that are asking for gentle redirection.

Checking yourself is (among other things) noticing your breathing, your heart rate, the way your body holds itself. Checking yourself is acknowledging when it’s time to check out of a situation or mode of behavior. Checking yourself is unearthing those emotions you hide behind and setting them free. Checking yourself is checking your grounding cord. Checking yourself is asking if you’re functioning from your bespoke fuel of source energy, and calling that energy home with a Golden Sun. 

Checking yourself is honoring yourself is healing yourself. Healing yourself is healing the world. And you deserve no less than that.

Stay up, be light, stay bright,


*PS: 50 points to your Hogwarts House if you couldn’t help but think about early 90’s Ice Cube while reading.

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