All about world peace here at Nuurvana. Nuur is Farsi for light. All about shining the light on life’s perceived challenges. I find that once these “darker” moments are brought into the light they don’t feel so heavy or isolating.

Together we can drop the charge, heal the pain, and transform societal imbalances into positive ways of being and connecting. Together, we can be the change. Read through our Giving Back services to see if one calls out to you!


I started leading healing circles a couple years back and absolutely loved it! They’re donation-based and all proceeds are given to grassroots organizations we believe in. Arrive feeling confused, sad, frustrated, isolated, disempowered, in deep pain, and perhaps even hopeless, and leave feeling peaceful, healed, empowered, unified, loved, confident, focused, and capable! It’s amazing to lead, incredible to experience, and so beautiful to witness! My intention is for Nuurvana to host one each week. I’d love to offer them clear across the country and across the globe. But first, WE NEED YOU! Ready to RISE? Ready to be a LIGHT LEADER in PEACE and LOVE? I know you are!

While we’d love to offer them all day every day around the clock and around the globe, we’re still limited by our human constructs.

Acknowledging my own personal limitations, I wouldn’t want any one person to lead more than one circle a month. Ideally, we’d each lead one per month to keep them consistent. Should only 10% of you reading this message decide to lead, that would offer weekly circles with each of us hosting only once every 4 months! Imagine?

With each circle lasting 2 hours, the total amount of time required for each circle would be around 4-6 hours (including the actual ceremonies themselves). More like 6 hours the first few months and 4 thereafter. Here’s the breakdown:

Please let us know if you’re interested by simply writing to with the subject line, “I’M A LIGHT LEADER!” We will then email you back with exciting next steps. We’re aiming to start offering them in the new year, so we’ll have plenty of time to prep and make space for MORE LOVE!


All I ever want to do is contribute to world peace. It’s why I love my work so much! It’s why I want to be of service to as many people as I can! SO, I’m offering Kiva Micro-Loan Readings!

It’s simple:

  1. You lend $100 worth of Kiva loans.
  2. Email your Kiva Receipt to
  3. We schedule your 30 minute phone reading!

Together, we contribute to world peace and you save $149 on your reading! Everyone wins!

Kiva is this brilliant, effective organization with a mission to alleviate poverty! YES! Don’t you just want to support them, already? They lend loans to entrepreneurs around the world, help empower otherwise under-served people and help make dreams (and just needs) come true! You lend a loan and take on some great karma of decreasing poverty! What a healing, already; and then you schedule with me and we go into all your questions, getcha all inspired and excited about life and set you up for your next step! Illuminating YOUR brilliant light adds more light to the world- so double world-peace-efforts for you all in one reading!

1 Kiva Loan Reading per person per year.

If you’ve benefited from your reading, please refer others! Together we CAN.


Omg! We LOVE birthdays! I mean, we love any excuse to CELEBRATE YOU ~ you divine expression of life, you! That’s why we will pay for half of your Nuurvana Birthday Session!

Select any service of your choice within 30 days of your Birthday and half of it is on us! That’s any service at 50% OFF in honor of YOU!

Birthdays are great time to reflect and intend. With a Nuurvana healing session we’ll magnify this special time for you. Helping you heal and let go of all that’s no longer serving you and offering you clarity, love, and insight to inspire your best year, yet.