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Posted on: May 30, 2017

Oh, hello Spring! How you doing? Spring is always my favorite time of year for quite a few reasons. For one, the bustling Yang energy is finally surfacing, providing the most excellent atmosphere to IGNITE YOUR LIFE! It’s all about moving UP and OUT – stretching our limbs into the horizon and going after our dreams like nobody’s watching!

Besides, my birthday is in May, so naturally my Taurus prowl is extra fierce and proud! And, I do find that Spring provides me a safe space for renewal and unearthing. Spring creates space for something new to bloom and I realize, to make space, there are a few things I need to let go of. One cannot occur without the other!

What are you choosing to let go of this year? 

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For me, I have decided to let go of fear to make space to be more vulnerable. As uncomfortable as that is, vulnerability brings me abundant opportunities for growth and infinite life lessons. I find that I grow the most on the edge of my comfort zone, where me and the uncomfortable either gently meet or beautifully collide. You feel me?

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Have you ever had an experience where you were so vulnerable that it made you cringe? Did it simultaneously make you wanna strut your stuff to let the world know that you, too, are human and you’re here, you’re present, and this is YOU in all your glory? Yeah, me too. 

To help you let go of fear and accept the invitation of vulnerability, here are 3 small tools from our hearts at Nuurvana:

1. Commit to cleaning house. Sounds simple, right? However, cleaning house can be so difficult. Many of us harbor “stuff” and “things” because it helps us feel secure. Go through your drawers, and re-organize or donate what you don’t wear or use. Go through that stack of old mail, those random receipts and pieces of paper you may have shoved in the corner. Sift through, determine what you need and determine what no longer serves you.

2. Be intentional. Be mindful of who and what receives your space, time and energy. Be intentional with your words, your actions, how you nourish your body, and how you treat your temple. The act of intention brings forth the gifts of life that have been silently waiting to ignite you! Check out our post on how to have it ALL through focused intention-setting. It’s amazing what this shift in mindset can do!

3. Create new rituals. Here is some wisdom from Tim on how to develop rituals that are small and sustainable. Once you are all loved up and present to your desires, check out our Become Your Future Self NOW meditation to get things rolling for good! We got you!

Whatever you decide, whatever you do, know that the universe always, always has you. 

You got this!

With love,

Your Nuurvana Guides

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