You are love. This course is designed to let go the layers you’ve accumulated on top of all that love, that may have you feeling disconnected to your true self. In the process, you’ll develop your intuition (self-love) and learn how to psychically read yourself and others. Ya NU IT, didn’t you? 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

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NU IT, pronounced, “Knew It!” is short for NUURVANA INTUITIVE TRAINING.

Do you feel like you have limited power over your life? Better yet, how about your feelings – are they the boss of your life? Do you think self-confidence and intuition is for some but not for all?

Ever have those “hindsight’s 20/20” moments where you’re beating yourself up over something that seems so obvious now?

I get it. And you know what? It’s so not your fault. Pretty much all of us know all the “should’s” in our lives – who we should be, where we should be by now, what we should be desiring and striving for.

How many of us have actually taken the mask off and tapped into the deepest levels of our subconscious minds, our intuition and authenticity, to discover who we really are and what it is that we genuinely desire for ourselves?

We are all born intuitive and with the ability to make manifest all our dreams! The key is getting connected with our LIGHT, our purpose.  

When in our most natural expression of our light, our path unfolds with such ease and grace and we evolve and ascend rapidly! The Nuurvana Intuitive Training Program. NU IT is a super easy, affordable, and practical phone course that will put an end to any confusion, chaos, self-doubt, or uncertainty in your life and get you navigating through it LIKE. A. BOSS.

Imagine waking up in a bed you love, in a home and location you adore, to a supportive partner, feeling super peaceful, inspired, and confident. Every. Day. Knowing and trusting you’re exactly where you need to be doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing.

NU IT is a Comprehensive Clairvoyant Curriculum. Here’s what you can expect:

Heal and Release All That Is No Longer of Service to You.

That ex that you can’t stop thinking about? Those reoccurring patterns you can’t shake? Got some habits you’re a bit ashamed of? That childhood experience that’s limiting you from actualizing your full potential? Imagine all that gone! And not through hours of therapy or agony – simply by creating new neuropathways and energy pathways through a whole lot of fun and discovery. Out with the old, in with the new!

Confidence, Empowerment, Dreaming Big and Actualizing Them Dreams!

During these phone calls, we’ll be peacefully slipping into the theta brain waves. This is where the magic is at. This is one of the very few forms of meditation that will take you to this deep level of relaxation. It’s only from this level that we’re even able to reprogram our subconscious minds to fully love ourselves, believe in ourselves and increase our self-worth. This is an experiential course. You won’t be thinking, analyzing, self-judging, feeling discouraged, triggering past failures or fears or any of that fun stuff that tends to hold us back from fully self-actualizing.

You’ll simply be observing cool images and experiencing them in your body as well. You’ll be using parts of your brain that have never been used before. You’ll be connecting with parts of your consciousness that you didn’t even know existed. And it’s from this realm of infinite possibilities that you’ll unlock all the many wonderful experiences that are already available for your current life experience right here and now.

In a 1996 study at The University of Chicago by Dr. Blastlotto, the efficacy of visualization (all we do in NU IT) was measured and it was REMARKABLE!  Basketball was used as the measurable outcome.  The measurable improvement of the group that purely visualized (23% improvement) was the same as the group that physically practiced (24% improvement)!  Which is why we visualize to materialize in this course!  It’s the very concept timeless books such as, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napolean Hill (Warren Buffet’s bible) are based on, as it really works!

Easy Direct Access to Your Intuition.

You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to have a direct line to your intuition. No more wondering, seeking advice or feeling stuck. Just clarity and direction. Simply close your eyes and use your tools to gain profound insight into some of life’s most difficult situations.

Support and Guidance Every Step of the Way!

Besides Deganit cheering you on and personally answering any questions you may have, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook community that’s taking the course with you! Lots of other clairvoyants to discuss your experience with and both offer and receive support.

*This phone course is designed so you may hop on or off at any time. You may subscribe or unsubscribe at any point throughout this on-going course.*


JANUARY | SPIRIT GUIDES: We all have spirit guides. Some come in times of need and others are along our whole ride through life. In this class, you’ll meet one of yours and learn how to connect with them so they may better assist you. Mine are my besties, I hope yours become your bestie, too!

FEBRUARY | RELATIONSHIPS: One of the most popular classes by far! Call in to learn the spiritual significance a relationship has in your life. You’ll learn why you’ve attracted a specific person in your life, what the lessons are, what you’re gaining from the relationship, and what you’re overcoming. We’ll read all sorts of relationships from strangers to family members to lovers.

MARCH | CHAKRAS: We have 7 major chakras. Chakras are spin energy vortexes found along our body. Each chakra has it’s own unique frequency and vibration, and therefore carries it’s own unique information. We will dedicate about 15 minutes to the bottom 4 chakras so your really get a comprehensive and experiential understanding of what they do, the role they play in your life and how to balance them and keep yourself in health and harmony.

APRIL | CORD CUTTING: Let go of what no longer serves you once and for all! Any past friends, lovers, family members that are still plugging into you will be set free, as you are set free!

MAY | RUNNING ENERGY: Kind of like Reiki, we’ll course universal energy throughout our bodies. Be noble, for you’re made of the stars, be humble for you’re made of the earth. We’ll be running both earth and cosmic energies throughout our bodies to both fuel us and clear out the gunk.

JUNE | AURA: Learn the seven layers of your aura, what it says about you and how people perceive you. This call will help you navigate through life and the world with a greater sense of belonging and purpose. We’ll be creating energetic boundaries between ourselves and others helps strengthen our psychological boundaries and see our lives with more clarity.

JULY | PAST LIVES: Yes! We’ll read a few of our past lives and see what the correlating themes are and get a peek into all we’ve ever experienced. This class has been super helpful in making sense of irrational fears in this lifetime and in gaining further clarity on certain patterns, behaviors or people in your current life.

AUGUST | ASTRAL PROJECTION: What on earth is the astral plane?  Get ready to experience it for yourself!  By the end of this call, you’ll be an Astral Expert!  For starters, it’s not located on planet Earth ;).  It’s where our spirits go when we sleep and where some of us go when we’re awake! On this call, we’ll travel through each of the layers of the astral plane, explore, discover, and find out how to consciously visit and utilize this esoteric space to learn new things and heal up current or past things.

SEPTEMBER | AKASHIC RECORDS: The Akashic Records are a catalog of all that your soul has ever or will ever experience. Tap into this library to download with memories and experiences that will help you really own your next step and rock it out like a BOSS!

OCTOBER | CONNECTING TO SPIRIT: One of our favorite classes! We’ll learn how to communicate with beings that have passed. Connect with your loved ones that have passed, celebrities, historical figures, family members, or any spirit you wish to gain insight and perspective from.

NOVEMBER | MANIFESTATION TOOL: I’ll teach you a fun, engaging visualization to help actualize all your dreams! We’ll also clear the way for these dreams to come true by removing any past or stagnant energy in our space.

DECEMBER | SOURCE HEALINGS: This is a super powerful class, which is why I’ve timed it during the holidays! We can all use a little extra connection to source right now, especially during such a charged time of year. I’ll share some of the most effective healing tools with you and teach you how and when to use them and what to expect as results.

Tools Learned: Golden Force, Removing Obstacles, Maria Beings

Call Schedule

First Mondays

Basics Call

First Mondays are our Basics Call - we’ll be learning the Grounding Cord, Reading Screen, Center of Your Head, and Golden Suns. The basics. These are the essentials you’ll need for every single new tool you’ll learn.

Second Mondays

New Tool

Second Mondays are when you'll learn new material! Whoo! Refer to the syllabus above to see what new tool is being taught this month.

Third Mondays

Reading & Review

Third Mondays are when we really own our intuition and psychically read one another! We start with an opening meditation and review our psychic tools then transition into reading one another! Students volunteer to be read and are assigned numbers to protect their privacy. It's super fun, interactive and helpful in understanding both oneself and how to read energy.

Fourth Mondays

Seance Call

Fourth Mondays we have a seance! That's right, we call in spirits that have transition every single month. Prince has been known to frequent these calls. We call in friends, family members, historical figures and more. Sometimes we help beings transition into the afterlife. We learn a lot about life and death in these calls.