Retrograde Rendezvous

Posted on: May 30, 2017

If you’re reading this near time of publication, Mercury, Saturn, Plutoand Venus are all currently retrograde, which is fairly large deal for reasons I won’t go into here since: a) a smooth web run will reward you with appropriate, myriad expertise I’m largely unqualified to offer b) I’d rather take the space to tell you about how contemplating this concept inspired me to envision all the planets, having sprouted cartoon limbs, dressed in jogging gear. Retro jogging gear, specifically. Shiny track suits, itty-bitty running shorts, headbands. Color and behaviorally-coordinated. Zero arch support in ye ‘olde sneakers.

You’re picturing this, yes? Nice. 

Anyway, their orbits appear as an Olympic track, of course. Given how a major part of their job is to run in circles (ellipses) for (what we’ll call) “forever”. And while we know / suspect / maintain this as our current best educated guess / that their marathon maintains Universal homeostasis, what if – all things being equal in the realm of infinite possibility – these (now heavily anthropomorphized) planets get bored with certain aspects of their eternal elliptical? What if they decide to switch things up by taking a few laps in reverse direction? For: the heck of shits-n-giggles. For: pattern interruption. 

Also probably because running backward is somehow never not hilarious. 

They’re planets and we’re on them, so our electronics go wobbly, we misspeak, we might want to review that document again, etc. That’s a story we often hear. And while that’s a way to engage, I’ll remind you of the aforementioned “pattern interruption”, and thereby how retrogrades are opportunities to RE whatever you want! Revisit that which still holds lessons for you. Reflect, renew, releaseSurrender to the planetary pull and allow yourself the meditative space to reassess, re-imagine, reveal, and revel in your powerful, present, and evolving truth. 

I swear, cleaning out our energetic closets is even more awesome when heavenly bodies have your back. 

And all (maybe) because they’re just having a laugh. 

Stay Bright,


What are you RE-doing this retrograde season? We’d love to hear from you!

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