Are you a light leader?

I started leading healing circles a couple years back and absolutely loved it! They’re donation-based and all proceeds are given to grassroots organizations we believe in. Arrive feeling confused, sad, frustrated, isolated, disempowered, in deep pain, and perhaps even hopeless, and leave feeling peaceful, healed, empowered, unified, loved, confident, focused, and capable! It’s amazing to lead, incredible to experience, and so beautiful to witness! My intention is for Nuurvana to host one each week. I’d love to offer them clear across the country and across the globe. But first, WE NEED YOU! Ready to RISE? Ready to be a LIGHT LEADER in PEACE and LOVE? I know you are!

While we’d love to offer them all day every day around the clock and around the globe, we’re still limited by our human constructs.

Acknowledging my own personal limitations, I wouldn’t want any one person to lead more than one circle a month. Ideally, we’d each lead one per month to keep them consistent. Should only 10% of you reading this message decide to lead, that would offer weekly circles with each of us hosting only once every 4 months! Imagine?

With each circle lasting 2 hours, the total amount of time required for each circle would be around 4-6 hours (including the actual ceremonies themselves). More like 6 hours the first few months and 4 thereafter. Here’s the breakdown:

  • We’ll offer you all the training, materials, information, guided meditation recordings, essential oils, and discussion topics!
  • We’ll teach ya how to hold space with healthy boundaries!
  • We’ll have monthly LIGHT LEADER meetings to streamline topics, commune, answer questions and heal the healer.
  • We’ll be holding your hand and supporting you the whole way through! We’ll have your back so you have the circle’s back!
  • When possible, we’re happy to co-host for the first few months!
  • Since YOU’RE THE LIGHT LEADER, we can work around your schedule and preferred location. My intention is to keep it super easy on our LIGHT LEADERS, to be practical and sustainable.

Please let us know if you’re interested by simply writing to with the subject line, “I’M A LIGHT LEADER!” We will then email you back with exciting next steps. We’re aiming to start offering them in the new year, so we’ll have plenty of time to prep and make space for MORE LOVE!

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