Phone Sessions - Our most popular service!

Phone sessions are our the most popular service we offer. Our clients live all over the globe and we have clients that are constantly traveling the world. Phone sessions are easy to schedule in, mega-transformative, wildly effective. Often times they act as a blessing for the space you’re in during the session.

These work exactly the same as in-person Clairvoyant Reading sessions. We can tap into your energy field from anywhere, as it is in constant motion and knows no time or space. Read more about our readings here.

How it works:

Please know that you’re scheduling yourself in Eastern Time and take into account the time difference, should there be one.

We will call you at our session time from a google number at. (We’ll be calling the number on your Mindbody Scheduler profile, so please do double-check it to be sure it’s accurate!)

Should we have a problem connecting, we’ll email you. We suggest you email us at should you encounter any connection challenges or need to communicate about your session.

We’ll chat, we’ll laugh, we’ll travel the layers of your aura and energy field!

You’ll hang up like as though you’ve just exited an intergalactic portal that transcended time and space. You’ll feel empowered and inspired, have a greater understanding of it all, feel a bit brighter, lighter, more clear, focused and confident!

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Reading options are listed in our scheduler. We have 30 and 60 minute options ranging from $80 – $300.

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