About Ilka Pinheiro

Clairvoyant | Writer | Actor


My name is Ilka Pinheiro.

I’ve been tight with the uncanny since before I can remember. My first friend was a ghost named Dwayne who wore bell-bottom pants and an afro the size of a basketball. People assumed he was my imaginary friend; I allowed it because I was a generous kid. I began my official exploration of the paranormal at age seven (with a copy Edgar Cayce’s On Reincarnation – Dwayne’s recommendation), and weird occurrences, vivid dreams, and insight from unseen sources were old hat by the time I entered middle school.

However, by 2010, the adventure of becoming an adult mired me in the muck of a dissatisfying existence – my life was living me. Desperate for transformation, I gifted myself a birthday session with Deganit. Just a little looksee, I told myself, some help with course correction. It’s not like a psychic reading will make anything worse.

Famous last words.

Within days, my life as I knew it started falling apart in a domino effect of spectacular upheaval. I was crazed and emotional for months, but over time, I realized I’d lived through almost three decades of utter crap. Over more time, I realized I’m 100% grateful for every second of it.

I’ve since earned a Masters Degree from Columbia University and my certification in the Nuurvana Method. I’ve undergone a major, life-changing surgery, and I’ve renewed my relationships with all my loved ones, including myself, with intention and authenticity. The Meditation Nation tools I learned were not just instrumental in the process, I daresay I wouldn’t be here without them. I’ve given over a hundred intuitive readings, I’m one of the original NuIT subscribers, and I’m currently the organizer of Psychic Happy Hour.

Thank you for trusting me to assist you in your healing journey. I truly believe in these tools, and it’s my honor to share them with you, because they are so powerful, this healing is so real, and you are so worth it. Let’s remember our greatness together.

Shine on,