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“I've had the pleasure of working with Tim Murphy and his phone readings always leave me feeling empowered with a clearer perspective. Cannot say enough good things about the team at Nuurvana. Highly, highly recommend!”

— Rhonda S. - Brooklyn, NY

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Deganit both in-person at Nuurvana and through my participation in the ongoing NuIt telecourse. Both methods of healing are equally exceptional, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Working worth Deganit has been game changing and life/purpose affirming. I continue to improve everyday and have the courage and self confidence to make bold moves both personally and professionally.”

— J.M.

“Ilka is one of THE best and most professional people I have ever worked with. She is a spiritual healer from the Gods, sent down to Earth to help us scrambling loss souls. Her readings are locked in and have proved to be beneficial in my life. The depth of her connection and her spirit is overwhelmingly amazing and I can't wait for for my next reading. If you are looking for someone to give you insight to what is going on in your world Ilka is the one to speak with.
Nuurvanaa is the spot to be and Ilka is the one to get your reading with, point blank and the period.”

— Daryl J. - Los Angeles, CA

“I went in for a clairvoyant healing session recently as I was recommended by a friend. I had been searching for a good intuitive healer since I have had some health issues over the past few years. My session was with Ilka and she is the real deal. She asked all the right questions and is very gifted clairvoyantly. During our session, I felt so relaxed and after, felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and all my negative energy and worry had been released. I was exhausted after and needed a nap, but the next day, I was bursting with energy and was told I was glowing. This stuff really works! I thoroughly believe in Ilka and her abilities to heal and I am so grateful I found Nuurvana. If you are in need of some healing, please check her out!!”

— Kathleen B. - New York, NY

“Deganit is awesome! Sessions with her are like meeting with an old friend and not just any acupuncture treatment. She is genuine, sincere and positive. As she communicates her insight you don’t even realize/feel the needles as she gently inserts them. The interaction is great, her insight is helpful and she gives a different viewpoint that is clarifying. When I leave I have an overall calm, motivated and focused feeling. I plan on getting my friends gift certificates.”

“Every time I have a reading with Deganit, I come away stronger, more excited, deeply connected to my source of passion and joy. Deganit reminds me of what matters and how to create more of it in my life. Thank you Deganit. May everyone avail themselves to your talents.”

“I have nothing but raves for the healing power of Deganit. She sees the entire picture of health, mind, body and spirit, by combining her powerful and open psychic insight with her knowledge of Chinese medicine to help gently guide you to your own optimal vision of health. The healing modality that she has uniquely developed is like nothing I have ever experienced. She has a deep compassion for helping people reach their goals of balance and harmony within their being. This new integrated method of healing is one that will help move you forward instead of just relying on the techniques that have never worked in the past.”

“I think everyone who knows Deganit knows that she emanates good energy and light. She is an amazing practitioner – kind, sweet, insightful and just wonderful. I had an intuitive acupuncture treatment with her, and after a few minutes of chatting she tapped into some pretty deep things that I am only recently discovering. She helped me see deeper within myself and did so with grace and kindness. The acupuncture treatment was great also – I fell into a deep relaxation right away and the treatment felt like being in a deep Shavasana (from yoga), more deeply tuned into myself. I’ve felt lighter and more balanced all day (the treatment was earlier today). Thank you, Deganit!”

“When I see Deganit for intuitive acupuncture, I am able to better understand the root of my disorder. I ask specific questions of Deganit through the acupuncture session based on my own theories of why i think I am having the imbalance and she confirms or clarifies the root of the problem and how it came to be… which leaves me with useful insight into myself… which helps me begin to make changes in my diet and lifestyle that will help my body to heal along with the acupuncture from Deganit.
Her help with my health has been truly amazing. Together, we have been able to recognize and heal a couple of minor imbalances as well as make progress on the one that is more chronic.Words can not express my gratitude for her in my life.”

“Deganit Is an incredibly gifted acupuncturist and intuitive. But that’s not what makes her so amazing I think it’s the level of care and love that she brings to every session and every client. I truly feel healed from her services and have recommended her highly to all my friends and family. This is how healthcare should be!!! and she is an amazing person, healer and soul. I’m very blessed to have been connected with her and look forward to seeing her for many years to come!”

“I recently went to Deganit Nuur for an intuitive reading. Having had many readings in the past, I know a gifted intuitive when they read for me and I was blown away by Deganit.
Deganit approaches her readings with tremendous kindness, compassion and above all, she is uncannily accurate. Sometimes we all need a little psychic guidance for important matters with business, family or personal issues. Time and again, Deganits readings have proven accurate & helped guide me to make the best decisions with the most favorable outcome. She’s like a life coach with an intuitive edge that makes all the difference! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

“To me, Deganit is heaven-sent. She has helped me get through some of the toughest situations all the while encouraging me & opening my eyes to how I can grow & evolve into being more true to myself & finding inner peace. I continue to work with Deganit & her amazing insights really helo me cope when I feel at a loss on my own. She is truly a gift to me & I am so thankful for her. Her vivacious personality certainly helps too! LOVE HER!!”

“I was an acupuncture virgin (who is admittedly petrified of needles) prior to my visit this week. Deganit’s warm and welcoming nature immediately made me feel completely at ease. She checked in with me frequently to ensure that I was comfortable. I have the beginning symptoms of carpal tunnel. She eased some of that pain and gave me excellent suggestions of things to try at home to alleviate pain. I recommend Deganit with utmost enthusiasm and can’t wait to return to see her, needles and all!”

“I went to Deganit for intuitive acupuncture because I had a bad eczema flare-up. She treated me for the external symptoms with acupuncture and herbal remedies. But more importantly, through her readings and consistent support, she has also helped me deal with internal issues which has led me to better mental health and of course that also means a healthier life in general! I will be forever grateful for her significant role in my personal growth. Also my eczema has subsided. Thank you, Deganit!!”

“I’ve been treated by Deganit regularly for nearly a year. In this span of time, I have grown tremendously as a person. The acupuncture/readings have been immensely supportive in integrating my higher intentions and helping them to become a reality. Blocks released and new pathways opened. Many of my physical troubles have been remedied. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for her. She has a beautiful bubbly uplifting spirit to boot!”

“I will always remember my first healing experience with Deganit. Over the course of the hour, I received cupping, acupuncture, and a spot on intuitive reading that hit straight at the root of what was going on. Her incredible commitment to my growth and healing was unmistakable as she expertly conducted the session. I left feeling energized and invigorated, not to mention completely blown away by her intuitive abilities.  Deganit brings it all to the table: solid acupuncture skills, spot-on intuitive ability, and a personality that makes one feel instantly comfortable. In short, she rocks.”

“I had no previous experience with acupuncture but now I can’t live without it. Deganit is amazing. Her approach is completely holistic and she’s great at every level. I have been seeing her regularly for two years and she has helped me with everything from digestion to insomnia to relationships. She’s also really fun and sweet. You should check her out. I don’t see how you could possibly be disappointed!”

“I didn’t think one session of anything could help my pain, but I truly feel like I’m on the road to recovery. Both my mind and body feel much better. Can’t wait to go again!”

“Another amazing intuitive reading from Ms. Deganit. I can’t recommend these enough. I have really benefited from these readings which I see as a kind of personal check in with your dreams, ambitions, loves and hopes (and the reverse of these as well). Each time I’ve done one I feel a renewed sense of my personal direction, and my appreciation for the world and it’s complexity and wonder. Give one a try- you won’t regret it.”

“As a fellow acupuncturist, it can be a bit daunting finding a colleague for an acupuncturist.  However, Deganit (owner and practitioner of Nuurvana) puts everyone, including myself, at ease.  Nuurvana is my go to when I need extra special attention.  Deganit is a true psychic - intuitive and can give you deep and transformative perspective when maybe you thought, "oh, it was just neck pain" If you suspect that your physical pain might be related to emotional pain, go to Nuurvana - Deganit will get to the root of your issue.  Highly recommended, especially for those break-though moments!!”

— Acu A. - Manhattan, NY

“Ilka is one of THE best and most professional people I have ever worked with. She is a spiritual healer from the Gods, sent down to Earth to help us scrambling loss souls. Her readings are locked in and have proved to be beneficial in my life. The depth of her connection and her spirit is overwhelmingly amazing and I can't wait for for my next reading. If you are looking for someone to give you insight to what is going on in your world Ilka is the one to speak with.
Nuurvana is the spot to be and Ilka is the one to get your reading with, point blank and the period.”

— Daryl J. - Los Angeles, CA

“On the day that I came for a session with Deganit, I remember coming in feeling physically and mentally fatigued, and experiencing frequent anxiety. I came to see her primarily for intense foot pain I had been having for nearly eight months. I was also in need of guidance around topics of career and employment, as well as matters of self. Deganit started the session by sitting down with me and taking note of all my current concerns and questions, be them physical, emotional, and/or spiritual. She then worked through each topic by doing an intuitive reading. After some time, Deganit then moved to the acupuncture component of the session. She worked carefully and thoroughly on proper placement of the needles, frequently check-in with me to see that I was comfortable. After this session I can truly say that I felt renewed, with so much mental clarity and an awesome sense of peace with myself and others. And although it might be too early to tell, my foot is actually starting to feel better. Deganit proved to be a gifted, generous, grounded, FUN and respectful healer. I felt that she was FULLY committed to my well-being throughout the session. I have had acupuncture done before with other healers. However, Deganit offered a truly personable service. I have recommended her to many of my friends and will happily continue to do so!”

— Margarita Tavarez - Actor, NYC

“Ms. Nuur is a powerful physical and spiritual healer who understands that real healing comes from within. It’s just that we all need the help of a heart-of-gold / Clairvoyant / Herbalist / Acupuncturist who has spent a great deal of her life cultivating love and joy. She is a gentle soul but strong as a mountain in her abilities. Point is, she is amazing and has contributed to my health and my genuine happiness. I am grateful to have her as my spiritual guide and Acupuncturist.”

— F. Duncan

“I felt extremely nervous prior to the session – I didn’t know what to expect at all. but Ilka’s personal energy, natural humor, and easy confidence relaxed me as soon as we began. the reading itself was fascinating; I gave Ilka the reins to tell me what she was experiencing, and then asked some questions of my own. I felt a joyful calm during and after our session, and in reflecting upon the information and images she shared with me, was able to understand some of my personal history in a totally new way. I’m grateful for Ilka’s gift and looking forward to further exploration.”

— Meredith Z. - Brooklyn, NY

“Being in the healthcare community, myself, I have experienced many different modalities of health services and too many practitioners to remember. After my initial session with Deganit I knew I would never forget her or the incredible service she offers! I have now been seeing Deganit for intuitive acupuncture for over a year and am still impressed and astonished every time! Deganit has become an indispensable partner on my journey to optimal health.”

— Becky DeCicco - NYC

“I'm not someone you'd call spiritual or particularly "woo", typically. So going into my reading with Ilka I tried my best to keep an open mind despite having some skepticism. What happened was incredible. She has so much insight and intuition into where a person is at emotionally and even physically. She has an uncanny ability to tap into things most people either can't see or choose to ignore, and to give visualizations and tools to assist you in confronting or dealing with aspects of your life that may otherwise be difficult or overwhelming. Something that's eluding you can be made extremely clear in just a few minutes. Without revealing too much, I will say that the process is legit. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

— Andrea P. - Queens, NY

“Deganit has saved me from the depths of confusion, despair and grief time and time again. She has been a bright, joyful spirit during some of the most challenging times in my life. She has a way of making the hardest things feel light and hopeful and injecting sweetness and magic into the darkness. I don’t know what I would do without her as my guide. I leave every session feeling uplifted, validated and like all of my burdens have been lifted. She is love personified.”

“Ilka is phenomenal. She suggested that I do an open mic by myself, away from my band to experience performing solo again. Without friends, without a support system. I honestly thought I was going to break down all day I was so nervous. But I kept reminding myself that Ilka said she’d only tell me something I was ready to hear, encourage that I do something I was ready to do. So I knew I was. And I now know why she had me to this: it was really to MAKE myself feel vulnerable, remind myself why I’m pursuing music… why I care. But it had to be away from anyone else. It had to me by myself. I needed that vulnerability to re-ignite that fire. She knew what I needed before I did, but just gave me enough to let me discover it on my own, which was such a gift. I am so grateful for her!”

— Analise - Los Angeles, CA

“I don't know what I would do without my regular sessions with Ilka! She is the real deal - a world-class intuitive guide and spiritual healer. Her clairvoyant readings are always helpful, and areas where I'm feeling stuck immediately shift following her guidance. The best part is that I don't have to be there in person! As a traveling artist, I can book phone sessions and take her with me everywhere I go!”

— Jenny W - Los Angeles, CA

“I am happy to highly recommend Deganit for intuitive acupuncture services. When considering working with a healer, there are two main questions to answer: 1) is the healer good (competent/professional/available), and 2) is the chemistry right? Deganit is definitely good – no question. Her approach as a healer, of listening intuitively before applying a treatment, is both unique and effective. And her style? Enthusiastic, warming, emotionally supportive and overflowing with love. Again, I highly recommend Deganit for intuitive acupuncture – you’ll be lucky if you can book her.”

— Jason Wisdom - NYC

“Ilka is magnificent!! I feel so so blessed to have found her! She is a rare bird of a person who is simultaneously wise, strong, professional, and funny as hell. She embodies the word 'magic'. Her true clairvoyance has helped me immeasurably in my life- it's like yoga and therapy at the same time.  And I should mention you can talk to her on the phone too if you can't see her in person! I'm so thankful for Nuurvana and Ilka!”

— Emily C. - Los Angeles, CA

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