So maybes you’re a little lost right now, your world is turn upside down, you’re dealing with some major trauma or experiencing pain in your own way. That doesn’t mean you’re forfeiting your power and badassery!

You know you deserve more and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself and make the most of this lifetime! It’s why we’re here. You also know it takes a village and as much as you love being boss, you’re willing to ask for a little help in this transformation process, because can’t nobody do this alone.

You’re lovely and smart and want more for yourself and our planet. Often you put others before yourself. Too often you’ve silenced yourself- knowing damn well how intuitive and intelligent you are! You’re done with all that! You’re eager to own your power and shine bright without apologizing for it!

Sure, maybe you started coming in because of your insomnia, strange rash, or depression, but years later and you’re still coming in because now that we’re done licking old wounds and getting complete with all that was ailing you, we’ve moved onto consciously creating your future and rejoicing in the wonderful divine expression of life you are!  

You rock! You’re smart and you’ve got your shit together. And still you want more! You want a life of magic! You have big, huge dreams that serves as a tremendous healing for us all!

You’re here because you know you deserve to be madly, deeply involve with yourself and with your life and you know it takes a village and a strong metaphysical backbone to materialize all it is you visualize!

We love you! We value you! We are because you are.