​To describe how magical, helpful, and completely inspiring that Deganit and her team at Nuurvana have been in my life is quite a feat. I first came to Deganit in rough shape after a horrific accident in which I had been hit by a car. The pain and bruising were just a few of the things that she fixed. Little did I know that she would also set my life in a completely different trajectory towards enlightenment and self actualization.

Even after the very first visit I saw a remarkable and immediate change in the pain level and bruising that I had experienced. I continued to visit her as often as I could and have been a devotee of her work for the past 7​ years. In that time she has helped me to reach my ultimate potential by seeing how I was getting in my own way, how I could get around it, and yes, even how getting hit by a car was actually one of the best things to happen in my life. Relationships, Career, Overall health and wellness, and major life events are all things that she has helped me through.

You can expect all of that and more when you walk through her door – along with a smile, a laugh, and some seriously great advice. My favorite thing about Nuurvana has been the constant support on things both big and small. Nothing is too much or too little for this amazing team of people!

Lisa Troup
Business Professional, Artist, and Enlightened S​oul – New York, NY