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all nuurvana healers will educate, empower, heal and inspire you! it’s what we live to do!


learning expert, storyteller, artist, clairvoyant healer
Jenny is a Gem! She’s laser sharp and her intuition comes in with clarity, precision and will inspire you into action!

If you have a huge decision to make, Jenny’s the perfect healer for you! If you’re looking for insight into your business, your finances, your worth or how to navigate this earth plane as a spiritual being, allow Jenny to have your back! She channels roadmaps, plans and strategies for success. She’s our resident learning expert and your cosmic business partner!

Jenny embodies fierce compassion. She wants the best for you and won’t be satisfied until you want the best for you, too. She answers questions into why the past was what it was or how to get the future to be what you wish it to be.

If Jenny were a Harry Potter character, she’d be a mix of Hermione and Professor McGonagal. She knows EVERYTHING! I mean, she’s an avid reader and a super curious soul so she’s studied A LOT- from education to economics to hypnosis to psychology and so much more. Her wide breadth of knowledge will absolutely come through in your session with her as she helps you best help yourself.

Jenny is perfect for our spiritual go-getters, movers and shakers. She’s a perfect fit for you if you’re at a crossroads, in the middle of a huge life transition or if you know what you want but don’t exactly know how to get it.

If you’re ready to take a big leap, uplevel or claim your worth, do yourself a favor and schedule a session with our gem, Jenny!

Jenny is a perfect match if:
★ You’re looking for support in decision-making
★ You’re ready to make a move, take a jump and need support along your path
★ All things business

hear the stories

“Jenny helps me to quiet the noise and sort through myself.”

I have been a hairdresser for 20+ years. I loved it and was very good it. And I quit. I knew there was something out there that was meant for me, but I couldn’t see yet. Sessions with Jenny were supposed to be a restart to help me see a new path. It was that and so much more. Jenny helps me to quiet the noise and sort through myself. Sessions with Jenny feel like a chat with that friend that always gives it to you straight. I always feel empowered for days after a session. Like I am drunk on my own self worth.

Mahogany Plautz

“When I’m with Jenny, I feel connected with something bigger than myself.”

I reached out to Jenny when I needed clarity on next steps for my career and well-being. We’ve met several times since then and each time I’m just in awe. She is a joy to work with and sessions with her are professional and incredible. When I’m with Jenny, I feel connected with something bigger than myself. I feel fully seen and supported. I’m always inspired by both the ah-has and practical guidance that come through. Jenny makes life easier to navigate — more magical. She is a gift and a light!

Honor Hawkins
Wellness Coach + Writer

“Jenny’s voice is so soothing and positive.”

I initially scheduled a session with Jenny at Nuurvana because I felt like I was truly at a crossroads in my life – At the time I felt lost, and simply didn’t feel like myself. I had never seen a psychic/clairvoyant before, but what really stuck out to me about Nuurvana was the “healing” aspect of the session. As soon as the session started I knew I had made a great decision – Jenny’s voice is so soothing and positive. Her words paint a beautiful picture, and the connection you share in the moment is like talking to someone you’ve known for years. I was amazed by her talent, articulation, and detail. The entire session exuded positivity! After the session I felt inspired, motivated, and clear-headed. Jenny gave me a few mantras and meditations to continue with post-session, and this is something I have practiced every day since. Her work is truly healing, and I will certainly be scheduling more sessions with Jenny in the future! I can’t thank her enough!

Kristin Parks

“Jenny’s readings give me confidence in myself and validation of my higher purpose”

A reading with Jenny is like having someone hold space for you and deeply listen, while whispering your deepest truths to you. It’s like talking to that old friend who knows you better than anyone, and always offers up the best advice. Jenny’s readings give me confidence in myself and validation of my higher purpose, and gently urge me to go after the things that I only dare dream about. Her gift of sight is simultaneously powerful and gentle – and endlessly loving. It’s uncanny how much she can see, really, and the more precise the question the more specific the answer. It’s an amazing experience and I plan to return regularly.

Marielle Quesney

“Jenny holds space to release your emotions and share anything you are struggling with”

In our sessions, Jenny holds space to release your emotions and share anything you are struggling with at the time. After each session, I feel more grounded, calm, and equipped with the tools to find my way through a situation and manage my emotions. It’s therapeutic and deeply impactful.


“Jenny offers relevant, visceral imagery and sound advice”

Jenny’s readings are approached with such care, insight, and honesty. She doesn’t just exhibit an uncanny knowledge of your current place in life, but a deep understanding of it as well. Jenny offers relevant, visceral imagery and sound advice, akin to that of a friend or family member. Both are invaluable.

Char Conway

“I am forever grateful to Jenny for helping me move forward with grace and enlightenment.”

Wow. I was blown away by Jenny’s insight – not only for what I was going through and experiencing, but for the other people around me whose energy was affecting my own. She gave me wonderful advice and tools to use after our session that I continue to gravitate towards to help me through. She also provided an amazing guided journey meditation that I can play at any time.

Since my session, I have felt more at peace than before. The reading gave me a temperature check on everything that was going on in my life and ways to turn those things in a more positive direction. I am forever grateful to Jenny for helping me move forward with grace and enlightenment.

Lisa Troup

meet our founder

Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, doctor of acupuncture, writer, and lecturer.
Besides being named “Top 15 Intuitives Globally” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication, goop, Nuur has been featured in
The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Forbes amongst other reputable publications.