Remembering Your Power

Posted on: May 30, 2017

There is a divine intelligence in everything around us. We are that.

I have been seeing lots of clients and friends searching for the answers to their biggest soul questions in healers, crystals, shamans, and psychics. Here’s a little secret – you already know everything we are going to tell you.

It’s there, hidden, beneath everything you tell yourself, and all of the conditioning you’ve believed your entire life.

Becoming one with our highest selves isn’t a manifestation; it’s a remembering. It is our birthright to connect to our highest selves, our intuition, and our purpose. Our ancestors embedded this knowing into our souls many lifetimes ago. Rather than an active searching, it is more of a passive receiving.

Trust yourself the way you trust the spirit of the trees. We wouldn’t question whether a flower will bloom or whether spring will truly come after winter. So why do we question our capacity to become the most blissful, connected, intuitive, and highly powerful beings we were always meant to be?

To connect with the divine intelligence of the universe, try these simple tools:

1. Connect with nature and the elements. We are made of the exact same molecules as the trees, flowers, oceans, fires, winds, and wild animals. Connecting with nature connects us more deeply with ourselves.

Think of the fearless, emblazoning fire, shape shifting and morphing everything in its path; the peaceful, coolness of water, and it’s unknown depths miles beneath the earth’s surface; the grounded and receptive Earth, who allows all things to grow and nourishes life; or, the lightness of air as it exchanges molecules between plants and humans, enabling us to breathe. Call all of these energies deep into your being.

2. Meditate. Listen to your negative self-talk and realize you are not that. There are no obstacles in life, only illusions.

3. Make friends with your shadow. The darkest parts of ourselves are our greatest gurus. Rather than trying to heal them or shun them, we can befriend those challenging aspects with compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.

4. Awaken your inner child. Children are full of wonder and awe and so are we. By bringing more play to our lives and honoring our inner instincts of spontaneity, freedom, and joy, we connect with the parts of ourselves that haven’t been harmed by the outside world and our conditioning.

5. Know yourself. Empaths and sensitive people alike are constantly bombarded by emotions that seem out of their control. The more you know yourself, the more you can understand what’s yours and what you’re picking up on from others. Then, you can choose to process these emotions or recycle them back into the earth.

For more tools and meditations to help you tune into your inner knowing, remember your soul self, and own your intuition, try our weekly NU IT Telepathy Tele-course!

Got any stellar tools for how to remember our divine intelligence? Please share in the comments below.

Love, light, and magic,