Why Clairvoyant Acupuncture?

If you’ve experienced the wonders of acupuncture, you know it’s an ancient, efficient healing modality that addresses and assists in clearing emotional, physical, psychosomatic, and psycho-spiritual imbalances. But even if you’re the most seasoned ‘puncture patient, you’ve never had it like you will at Nuurvana!

Be it from anxiety to digestive issues to chronic pain – there’s an energetic component to your unique imbalance that we’re delighted to address. Let’s get to the root of the problem, heal the heck out of it, and prevent it from ever presenting itself again!

Clairvoyant Acupuncture looks like this:

Your session will feel, at first, like a “traditional” acupuncture appointment. We’ll discuss how you’ve been feeling, we will take your pulse and look at your tongue. Then, your healer will perform some practical magic: serums or essential oils, layers of sound bowls and, of course, the insertion of hair-thin acupuncture needles.

Once you’re all set and comfy on the table, the really good part starts. We’ll set an intention and begin your clairvoyant intuitive reading. We’ll share with you the images and messages that arise and we’ll address the energetic or spiritual component of your imbalance.

Interactive in nature, the Clairvoyant Reading™ and the acupuncture work in tandem to give you an extraordinary healing adventure. The acupuncture creates a parasympathetic response that allows for a deeper acceptance of the profound insight and answers presented by the reading, which in turn deepens your ability to more fully receive the therapeutic benefits of the acupuncture points. It’s astounding and simultaneous (imagine some sweet double helix action)!

This healing experience is exceptionally specific and custom-tailored to YOU!

Come on in and advance your journey to optimal health! Schedule your session using the “Book Now” button in the top right corner.

Available exclusively at the Spa at Four Seasons, Downtown New York.

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