Clairvoyant Readings are Our Claim to Fame!

Simply put, clairvoyance is “clear vision.” Our wise, sage Nuurvana Clairvoyants will use their gifts to read your energy field, heal the past, empower the present, and inspire the future! It’s a truly transcendental experience!

All in-person sessions are held exclusively at the Spa at Four Seasons in NYC, Downtown and LA, Beverly Hills.

We will explore the “whys” of your current situation, visit and learn from your past lives, and heal and release old energy. Together, we’ll discover how to best manifest your dream self and your dream life, and so much more!

Clairvoyant readings are very useful and healing in times of hardship, loss of a loved one, major life changes or large decisions. They’re also great for general guidance and keeping in alignment with one’s path and purpose. Some people schedule them as needed, some annually, others seasonally, and most receive a reading weekly to monthly as way of fostering and maintaining their health and wellbeing.

A common remark we receive is, “each session is like years of therapy!” Book a session and experience it for yourself!

They go like this:

You’ll be greeted by the Spa reception, where you’ll slip into a super comfortable robe and have a moment in our decadent Relaxation Area, where Deganit will meet you.

We’ll head back into our sacred healing space and begin with a brief intake as you get doused in medicinal – grade essential oils applied to relevant acupuncture points and channels. By now, you’re already feeling at peace and held in light. And we’ve only just begun…

You’ll bathe in a crystal sound bath that will reverberate into the depths of your being as we balance your endocrine system, relax your nervous system and set an intention for our session.

As we enter the Clairvoyant Reading, (you may want to record it with your phone!), Deganit will translate to you all your spirit is revealing. It’s always empowering and uplifting- even when we’re in the trenches of your shadows. It’ll feel just like a conversation- it’s a dialogue, not a monologue- with the topic radiant YOU and the location existing the layers of your energy field. It’s intimate! And it’s an intimate, wild adventure we’ll experience together!

If applicable or desired, your session may also include traditional cupping therapy.

We’ll complete our session with another sound bath, this time as the soundtrack to your own personalized meditation!

Deganit will offer you a custom mantra and discuss next steps. You’ll feel lighter, brighter, more empowered, have greater clarity and direction.

Schedule yours using the “Book Now” button in the top right corner. 60 minute sessions ($375) are available both at the Spa at Four Seasons in NYC and LA- it’s all listed on the scheduler. 

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