About Bentley Fortissimus Jaymes

Dog Therapist | Brand Ambassador


My name is Bentley.

I am your friendly, gentle healer. I will eagerly welcome you with kisses and tail wags the moment I lay eyes on you!

Feel free to pick me up, pet me, carry me like a baby or do whatever you heart desires with me.  Your wish is my command.  Please also express your boundaries and I will honor them (though I feel more like a little old man, I acknowledge  I’m a dog and that my species isn’t everyone’s cup of tea).

During your sessions with Deganit, I’ll shower you with love and honor all your feelings – whether they are conscious ones or not.  While it may appear like I’m just taking a nap, that’s me on the astral plane putting my healing powers to work.

I specialize in facilitating self-compassion and self-acceptance.  It’s my gift. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Be well,
B.F. Jaymes