About Crystal

Clairvoyant | Tarot Reader | Burlesque Dancer

Hey, y’all! My name is Crystal.

It’s so lovely getting to meet you here! 

I’m originally from a very small South Texas town where folks tend to not dream very big. From a very young age I always knew that life was about so much more than what my immediate surroundings suggested to be true.

Even though my upbringing was pretty conservative, there always seemed to be someone in my life who’d encourage me to engage in my wild imagination and spirit. I remember as a child staying up later than I should have been, having conversations with my uncle about concepts like time and space and the impact that they have on our lives. Science and Philosophy were always endlessly fascinating for me and still are today!

I’ve been reading Tarot for over a decade now and have had the good fortune to incorporate the Nuurvana Method into my practice over the last few years. WOW! My sessions always felt so expansive and healing before, but now they’ve acquired a certain richness and depth that I honestly wasn’t expecting. What a gift! 

I’m also one of the Nuurvana Guiding Lights for the apprenticeship program we have. This means I’ve been mentoring my cohort of students in honing their intuitive gifts. It is a divine honor to be your guiding light. 

I’m so happy and humbled to get to share my intuitive gifts with you and look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow big and bright together! It’s our time to shine!