About Deganit Nuur

Clairvoyant | Acupuncturist | Herbalist

Hello, Wonderful!

My name is Deganit Nuur.

I’m a licensed acupuncturist, certified herbalist, clairvoyant intuitive, and meditation instructor. I’m also the head of your health and happiness cheerleading squad. Thank you so much for stopping by our site!

I attended the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and have effectively treated thousands of cases, including illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and autoimmune disorders. I have also treated chronic physical ailments, such as paralysis and neuropathy, with miraculous results.

I believe there’s a spiritual component to every manifestation of disease. I combine my talents and skills to help patients heal and discover their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves. I am moved to tears with every major breakthrough and filled with pride every time my clients report phenomenal results in their health, well-being, inner-peace, career, personal relationships, etc.

I’ve always been intuitive, and people have always been attracted to my innate healing abilities even before I knew precisely how they worked. I began my meditation practice at age eighteen, and have been providing clairvoyant readings since twenty-five. I’ve also been alive since I was born, an experience that has afforded me a wealth of existential lessons. In other words, I am human as well, have been through the fire and I can recognize your pain. The great gift of this work is that I can also help you learn from and release your pain. And with the Meditation Nation tools I teach, you can learn about and command your healing abilities and advance your wellness even further.

I founded Nuurvana in 2010 and have seen profound results since day one. I love this work. I trust the process of life and the natural healing process that exists within each and every one of us and look forward to building your trust in the process as well. I know this may all sound very serious. It IS some serious work we’ll be doing, but it’s also a lot of FUN!!! I’m all about joy and my goal is always to infuse dark with LIGHT. So, prepare for laughter, chitchat, and to let it all hang out. It’s pretty much my favorite kind of party.

Much Love, Light & Insight,
Deganit Nuur, LAc