About Jenny

Clairvoyant | Storyteller | Learner

Hi, I’m Jenny!

I’ve always felt drawn to things unfamiliar and new.  I’m so curious about everything… one of my earliest memories is of me looking around- my hands, the room, the objects in the room, and asking myself, “Is this really real?”  I remember thinking that it was a thought I probably shouldn’t be having, like I’d broken the rules or stepped outside of some line I couldn’t see.  This was only reinforced when I got up the courage to ask an adult.  You can imagine the quizzical look as she considered how to respond to my five- or six-year old self. 

From that point on, I learned to keep those types of questions and wonderings to myself for a very long time.  I dove into stories, to reading, to learning… it was like I couldn’t get enough knowledge.  The esoteric and spiritual worlds offer infinite opportunities to learn and to explore.   Thanks to an amazing college counselor, I  wound up with a second degree in Religious Studies because she saw I took so many courses in the department along the way.  

I’m so incredibly thankful that Nuurvana is a huge part of my story.  Through study and practice of the Nuurvana Method, I  learned how to untangle some of the stories that were told to me, that I once believed, that no longer served me.  I’ve released them and written my own new stories and I’m thrilled to be your guiding light to help you do the same for yourself.

I’ve travelled the world and worked with an expansive and incredibly wide range of individuals. I’ve loved both the diversity and the overarching themes that unify us as humans.  I cannot wait to connect with you to share in your story.

Big love,