Margarita Tavarez

On the day that I came for a session with Deganit, I remember coming in feeling physically and mentally fatigued, and experiencing frequent anxiety. I came to see her primarily for intense foot pain I had been having for nearly eight months. I was also in need of guidance around topics of career and employment, as well as matters of self. Deganit started the session by sitting down with me and taking note of all my current concerns and questions, be them physical, emotional, and/or spiritual. She then worked through each topic by doing an intuitive reading. After some time, Deganit then moved to the acupuncture component of the session. She worked carefully and thoroughly on proper placement of the needles, frequently check-in with me to see that I was comfortable. After this session I can truly say that I felt renewed, with so much mental clarity and an awesome sense of peace with myself and others. And although it might be too early to tell, my foot is actually starting to feel better. Deganit proved to be a gifted, generous, grounded, FUN and respectful healer. I felt that she was FULLY committed to my well-being throughout the session. I have had acupuncture done before with other healers. However, Deganit offered a truly personable service. I have recommended her to many of my friends and will happily continue to do so!

— Margarita Tavarez, Actor, NYC