You’re Clairvoyant! Yes, You! 

Posted on: Jun 21, 2017

Whether you know it or not, you are clairvoyant. 

It’s easy to assume that only certain people are born with these innate “gifts,” however the truth is that we all carry the capacity to transport ourselves into various dimensions and receive profound messages from the spirit world. All those times you thought your dreams were coincidences, or you ignored that hunch that was pointing you towards a specific goal, it was your inner clairvoyance perking up in hopes that you would bite the bait. 

Many people are aware they are clairvoyant, and many are not. Either way, you are on the right track. There are numerous types of psychic techniques that we all experience, including clairvoyance (vision), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and claircognizance (knowing). There is also telepathy (information transmission) and mediumship (communicating with the spirit world). What they all have in common is a TRUST in oneself and the messages you are receiving. While these may all seem like extraordinary phenomena, they are actually quite common and are probably happening in your life right now! The only thing that separates a psychic from a skeptic is the belief that anything is possible. I promise, you are powerful beyond your wildest imagination! 

Contrary to popular belief, being “psychic” isn’t scary at all. It’s actually a whole lot of fun! You learn to view auras, spin out your chakras, traverse the astral plane, complete past life karma, access your akashic records, and so much more! By training with a qualified professional, reading the appropriate material, and practicing a healthy dose of humility and laughter, you can easily learn to own your power so that it assists your everyday life! Rather than being afraid of spirits, you learn to be in charge of your energy field and ground out negative vibes to live the fullest, most authentic, and blissful life possible! 

Better yet, clairvoyance offers you AUTONOMY. Why give away the power that’s already inside you? Exploring our clairvoyance allows us to better understand our lives, breakthrough patterns that no longer serve us, and burst forth into our greatest, most empowered selves yet. If you’re looking to stay inside your comfort zone or play it small, exploring your clairvoyance may not be the path for you. Once you see the truth, it may be challenging to ignore it.

However, if you’re looking to expand your consciousness, connect with all beings on a deeper level, fully confront your ego, and outgrow all people and patterns that don’t serve your Highest Self, this may be the perfect addition to your repertoire.

Pro Tip: One very simple way to increase your clairvoyance is to improve your diet. We all know what works for our bodies and there is no secret recipe that applies to all. However, processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, gluten, fluoride, and sulfates can change our vibration and create build-ups of dense, clogging energy. In order to maintain our bodies as clear conduits for our intuition, it is important to eat what makes us feel rejuvenated and focused. 

To further expand your psychic consciousness, I highly recommend our NU IT Telepathy Tele-course. You can also test the waters at Psychic Happy Hour, where we offer 10 Minute Clairvoyant Readings for only $10! If you are interested in exploring your clairvoyance even further, please schedule a session with us on our MindBody portal, or email for more information.

In love and liberation,