I’m all about angel numbers and mostly see repeating 1’s or 2’s, myself. 

Leading up to the retreat, I start seeing “444” and “4444” everywhere. I find this HILARIOUS since 4 is all about stability and that was the last thing I was experiencing. 

Sonya says repeating 4’s are her angel number. And from the moment she said that it’s almost like we couldn’t not see them. They were EVERYWHERE! And there were exactly 4 of us. 

During our opening ceremony the guides invited us to each invest only 25% effort into all matters and to *trust* in the support of the others to invest the rest. See, we had each developed a habit (def a trauma response for me) of doing the most, being hyper resilient and independent and the care-takers in group dynamics. 

We are each pillars of strength and light. 

So what happens when you have four pillars and not just one? You get to bear less weight! Without any worry that the roof may collapse! 🎉

We’re all in this together and we’re actually better together. 

There’s greater stability in trust, partnership, commitment and devotion than there is in doing it solo. 

Solo is now a no-go. It’s just not sustainable. The roof will ultimately collapse. 

On this magickal retreat, we took care of one another. 

Sonya poured us each tea and when we were done, Elīna collected our cups. 

We took turns prepping the hot tub or covering it when we left it. 

Simple stuff- Only we were conscious of it all. 

We’re all helpers so it’s likely without the 4444 theme we would have gone through those same motions- but from a place of habit. 

Now these actions are infused with trust, love and a sense of unity. 

It’s a pleasure to show up for others in such a supportive way- that’s why and how we became the pillars that we are. 

What we were missing out on was being supported by others in this special way. 

Funny enough, post retreat we each manifested little pockets of instability. Only this time, we allowed our beloveds to hold and support us and smooth out the way. 🤯

Y’all I side swiped a parked car- just barely enough to get a huge black rubber mark clear across the side of my rental car. The other car was fine and it wasn’t a huge impact or anything. It was just enough to shake up my plans a bit. 

I thought of all the ways I could remedy this- take it to a car wash and pay extra for them to buff it or stop by an auto-supply store and take a go at it myself. I noticed if I scratched at it with my finger nail the rubber streak would come off, so that was the last option because that would take at least a few hours. 

The mark was on the passenger side and I kinda forgot about it since I didn’t see it too often… until the morning I had to return the car. Omg! All the cuss words! How did I neglect to clean this? Omg, they’ll charge me a fortune!

I point it out to the parking garage attendant, David, shaking my head and explaining it’s all my fault. I messed up. David got that huge rubber streak out in the matter of minutes! 

I kept trying to help him but he wouldn’t have it. He had the necessary soap and sponge and before I nu it (hehe, had to do it!) it was all gone! HUGE HELP. 

The other three pillars had similar stories to share. It’s like we were testing out our new philosophy of trust and doing less to receive more. 

We’ve since decided we’re good with receiving through purpose, inspiration and pleasure now, thanks angels! We’re all done creating ourselves little moments of chaos just to receive help. 🤗 We know we’re worthy of the help just cause and that being open to receiving is important when bonding and connecting. 

You’ll have to read my Pompei story to learn more about receiving through joy and alignment. The other pillars have beautiful, joyous stories, too- but those aren’t mine to share. 

One last thing! Over a month ago I had an interview on angel numbers. I was expecting to talk more about 333 but instead we dove right into 444. I had completely forgotten about this until THE ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED DURING OUR RETREAT! 

You really can’t make this stuff up! 

You can read the article on DailyOm here

The writer, Amanda, and I have become fast friends and I’m not at all surprised. She’s a pillar of strength and light, too! In fact, we had exchanged pillar stories post-interview without even realizing that’s what we were doing, haha. 

My mantra moving forward is “Helpful people are everywhere.” Use it and let me know if you feel it! 

And please share your angel number story in the comments below. I can’t get enough of this stuff!