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tarot reader, reiki practitioner, burlesque dancer, psychic healer
If you’ve forgotten yourself for a little while, Crystal will guide you back home to you. You’ll melt in her care. You’ll remember yourself and why you incarnated onto this planet in the first place.

Smooth and steady, grounded and golden, you’d swear Crystal spent the majority of her past lives as a tree. She embodies sustainability and the innate knowing that we’re all forces of nature and just like nature we’re each abundant in regenerating resources. She’s for a slower pace, one that honors spring blossoms only a deep winter’s rest can produce.

A session with Crystal is like a little mini vacation. If you’ve experienced cranio-sacral or reiki therapy, it’s like a blend of that with a dash of tarot and a heaping dose of psychic insight. You’ll slow down and recalibrate.

Consider Crystal as your healer if you are spiritually curious, a seeker, or feeling a little lost or burnt out. The healing is other-worldly.

As a burlesque dancer and long-time philosopher (she has 2 degrees in philosophy!), Crystal is a self-care master. She’s here to help you prioritize yourself and teach you best practices to honor your bright light.

If you’re looking for a fast track to the finish line, she’s not the one. She’ll help you align and flow and take inventory of all that’s already working for you. Think of a session with Crystal as a masterclass in you! Your nervous system will thank you!

If you’re ready to love yourself a little more deeply, schedule with Crystal and begin to feel more sparkly!

Crystal is a perfect match if:
★ You’re in greater need for more of a healing than a reading
★ You’re a seeker: if you’re open and curious and are interested in digging deep
★ You’re eager and willing to be honest with yourself and do the work

hear the stories

“Crystal is amazing. All heart, no ego!”

UMMMMM Crystal is amazing. All heart, no ego! A great combo of being a steady guide but also a fellow traveler on the path.


“I feel like [Crystal] has been an angel guiding me and strengthening me.”

Crystal’s psychic read on a challenge I am going through has been spot on! She locked in perfectly describing the people I am struggling with= HUGELY validating, what I already knew but was feeling shaky on owning it as my truth. Her clairvoyance was spot on with what she saw as potentially happening… it did…and more than that, we talked about lessons I am learning and my empowering practices to heal and evolve. I feel like she has been an angel guiding me and strengthening me.

Marcella Webster

“[Crystal] made such a difference in changing my mood”

I’m soooo glad I had my reading with you!! It was so amazing, on point and I feel that the mantra has done a world of difference!!

It was so so great talking to you! I really feel like it made such a difference in changing my mood to receive the new year in great spirits!! You’re amazing and can’t wait to get another reading with you in the future again!!


“[Crystal] has such a gentle and straightforward approach that I really appreciated”

Crystal has been so great to talk to. I feel like she has helped me move through somethings that have been keeping me blocked and I felt a huge release after we spoke. She has such a gentle and straightforward approach that I really appreciated.


“Crystal is really fabulous!!”

Crystal is really fabulous!! 🙂 She created a really safe space for me and I felt really seen and heard by her. You can feel how much she cares and is dedicated to this work. She also helped me connect dots that I have been working on. I just love her.

Sonya Randell
Owner / Interior Designer, Architect

“I love Crystal! From the first moment it was just so easy to talk to her.”

I love Crystal! From the first moment it was just so easy to talk to her. I felt like I could be myself and share everything that I was experiencing, doubting and celebrating. She greeted it all with compassion. She reassured me when I needed that and congratulated my success. I loved the homework she gave me… although it never felt like work – it was always something exciting to try, do or think about.

Elina Janevica

meet our founder

Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, doctor of acupuncture, writer, and lecturer.
Besides being named “Top 15 Intuitives Globally” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication, goop, Nuur has been featured in
The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Forbes amongst other reputable publications.