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author, anthropologist, plant enthusiast, clairvoyant healer
A mix between Carlos Casteneda and Mr. Rogers, Tim is your clairvoyant anthropologist. The warmth, love, support and unconditional acceptance you’ll feel during your time with Tim is a reflection of his bright light and his devotion to studying human behavior.

A session with Tim is like connecting with an old friend. He sees you, the real you. He accepts you and helps you accept you, too.

His wizardry includes simplifying your life. If you’re prone to overthinking, Tim’s your healer! If you’re feeling a need to declutter your mind and your life, Tim’s got you!

Connecting with Tim is also great for finding clarity in confusing situations, feelings, relationships or past experiences. If you’re thinking, “What the actual f*ck?” then allow Tim to look into it for ya and convey to you the energetics of what it was, is or will be.

For our loves that are feeling frantic, scattered, overwhelmed or all over the place, one of Tim’s specialties is being a grounding force of nature and helping you align with your inner calm, cool, collected badass self.

As an avid traveler, explorer and fan of cultures and languages, Tim will help you travel the terrain of your subconscious mind and discover all the uncovered pockets of light you have to offer yourself and our collective!

You are a gift. If you don’t already know it, schedule a session with Tim and you’ll feel it!

Tim is a perfect match if:
★ You’re looking to declutter, simplify your life
★ You’re interested in distilling the infinite into daily, actionable tasks
★ You’re open to the spiritual significance of it all, even if it’s an uncomfortable truth

hear the stories

“His visions are clear and speak volumes to the issue at hand.”

If I could do a reading with Tim every week, I would! His visions are clear and speak volumes to the issue at hand. What he communicates to me is always exactly what I need to hear to move forward as the best version of myself. I appreciate his thoroughness and joyful attitude. Can’t wait for my next reading!

Writer, Brooklyn, NY

“One of the most interesting and fun readings I’ve ever had”

Yesterday’s work was huge for me and I felt the shifts within a few hours and continuing into today. I feel completely free from what I didn’t realize was my own prison. I’m kind of blown away that in all these years of doing this spiritual work I’d forgotten/repressed the impact of that particular triangle on my psyche and success.

This was one of the most interesting and fun readings I’ve ever had…you’re great at what you do! This mantra feels perfect! Thanks again!


“The reading with Tim left me feeling lighter.”

The reading with Tim left me feeling lighter. The rest of the night I had quick moments where I would remember the reading and the images that he saw – the golden sphere, the vines hanging side by side, the glass, the duck, etc. As these moments of the night came and went, I felt bubbles, or even butterflies, of hope and excitement inside for whatever lies ahead. Even though these moments were fleeting, they felt good and I’m also kind of feeling them today at work.

Will Krisanda
Actor, Scranton, PA

“his phone readings always leave me feeling empowered”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim Murphy and his phone readings always leave me feeling empowered with a clearer perspective. Cannot say enough good things about the team at Nuurvana. Highly, highly recommend!

Rhonda S
Brooklyn, NY

“He is truly gifted and caring as a clairvoyant.”

If you’re curious about getting a reading & have never tried one from Tim, I HIGHLY recommend it. He is truly gifted and caring as a clairvoyant. The readings I’ve had with him often start out completely different than I anticipate seeming mysterious or strange, but they always end up bringing out exactly the answers or information I need to know. His patience is unbelievable, and he has helped me transform my career in ways I never could have imagined. He truly is a healer.


“Tim is talented, kind, and compassionate.”

I had my first session with Tim last year and quickly became a regular client. Tim is talented, kind, and compassionate. During our sessions together, Tim provides me with the guidance and clarity I need quickly and accurately. He listens, holds space, and helps me be in alignment with my highest self and path. I always feel valued, seen, heard, and so much lighter! Every session has been an insightful and healing experience for me: I can’t wait for you to experience the magic for yourself. Go ahead and schedule a session with Tim today!


“I am so impressed by [Tim’s] abilities”

Tim, thank you so much for this reading! I am truly truly moved by your message and am so impressed by your abilities. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

Christine Wong-Tai
Founder & CEO, House of Evergreene, New York, NY

“I love my readings with Tim.”

I love my readings with Tim. I am constantly impressed with how each one delivers so much insight and fresh perspective, as well as a practical tool to use moving forward. In a complex world that presents us with infinite amounts of information to consider when making decisions- having a guide to help you cultivate your own intuition is priceless. *Inspiration buzz included*


“He is truly a warm and authentic spirit and was an absolute breath of fresh air.”

I cannot emphasize how amazing my reading with Tim went. He is truly a warm and authentic spirit and was an absolute breath of fresh air. He is a gem and I left my reading feeling inspired and at peace with all the life changing decisions I’ve recently made.


“Tim is the kind of blessing that comes into your life and changes everything”

To have collided with the ball of ebullient joy that is Tim is one of my life’s enduring blessings. Tim is the kind of blessing that comes into your life and changes everything – and then stays. Tim has been there as a companion-guide and catalyst for healing -steady and certain- when it seems little else around me was. For sixteen years, Tim has walked and lit his path with me (I was one of his very first clients!). He’s joined me in transforming a path I once feared into a path of enchantment, a path where dreams come true. Tim’s been there through births, deaths, a marriage, a separation, a reconciliation, a career move, a relocation, and then some.

The readings themselves are very visual experiences, and extremely detailed. He sees things that seem impossible (think election outcomes), and then come true. Tim has not been “off” even once. I have recorded every session a, and cherish those records as I re-listen again and again.

M. Otis

“My reading with Tim was so amazing and super accurate.”

My reading with Tim was so amazing and super accurate. One of the images he saw of me was so right on that my business partner and I have begun to use it as an analogy of how we are doing in our business. In another part of the reading about one of my friends, he quickly identified an aliment she has dealt with for years. This blew me away. When Tim said that, that’s when I knew he was tapped into a Higher Power. Only three people know this about her. Tim couldn’t have known that. He’s a badass. After the reading, I felt so much validity – that this is indeed the life I am supposed to be leading. Tim seemed to get so much joy in doing the reading, and I sensed a real synergy that was bigger than the both of us.

Michael M

“Tim leaves you with a course of action.”

I’ve worked with many intuitive healers but usually reach a breaking point where they project or editorialize the channeling that comes through. Not with Tim from Nuurvana!! Tim is one of the few completely clear intuitives who channels positive and helpful visions to you without muddying the waters. The approach and positivity helps you to receive clear guidance to make decisions, cut cords, move forward with your life or charge ahead. Tim leaves you with a course of action. I can’t recommend Tim and the Nuurvana team more!


meet our founder

Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, doctor of acupuncture, writer, and lecturer.
Besides being named “Top 15 Intuitives Globally” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication, goop, Nuur has been featured in
The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Forbes amongst other reputable publications.