This month, gracing us as the Alumni Spotlight is the beautiful Nuurvanian, Crystal Luther! 

Crystal is an Intuitive Life Coach, Tarot reader, Burlesque Dancer, Nuurvana healer and Guiding Light in our Becoming Light program!

Being in the presence of Crystal is a healing in itself. You’ll melt with your time with Crystal. It often feels like reiki, cozy, a sense of belonging, feeling so love, so seen, so valued, and that’s like before she even opens her mouth!

When Crystal starts channeling, you feel so connected as it reinforces your sense of belonging. She’s an educator at heart, so she’ll ask you questions about you before she tells you about you. She allows people to discover themselves, in a really organic beautiful whimsical way. To work with Crystal is the main character of the alchemist. 

Crystal is an original Guiding Light in our Becoming Light program, completing 3 cohort rounds! She holds space beautifully for all our members and our newest members to come. Crystal will offer coven healing circles in the Fall and offering discounts for students in the program. 

Crystal uses her intuition as a healer and as a performer as a talented and graceful Burlesque Dancer. Follow her on Instagram and check out how in tune she is as she performs!

Crystal offers a variety of sessions which you can learn about below and see what’s the right fit for you!

  • If you’d love to try a session with Crystal, we suggest her signature session: What’s My Purpose? Speciality Session. Crystal will deep dive into an intuitive session that combines a chakra reading, astrology, and numerology to help you embrace your “ever-elusive” life purpose. 
  • If you’ve been curious to learn tarot, she’ll be your guide! She’s been a tarot reader for over a decade and can train you in a way that also develops your intuition! You can learn with her through her Intuitive Tarot offering here.
  • Her newest offering is recorded readings. Submit a question or two and receive a recorded reading in two weeks with your answers! Ready to get some answers, you can book a recorded session for 2 questions here or if you have just one here.

Crystal has also chosen a beautiful Partner in Peace this month, Ready, Willing, and Able. A charity providing a working way home for men with long histories of incarceration, homelessness, and unemployment. Donate here, save the receipt and enter to win a reading with me here!

Learn more about Crystal here.