Each month, we are sharing a new Nuurvanian we love! 

For the month of August we are sharing with you the magic that is Philippe Ghayaben. He is part of our inaugural cohort for our six month program. He added an ambiance of coziness and sophistication to our shared experience. 

Philippe is a designer, creative copywriter, and intuitive. As an empath, I’m a feeler and it can be hard for me to transcribe what I feel into words or design. As an intuitive, Philippe just gets it. 

He’ll elevate your brand and amplify your message. He expands your vision and really showcases your personality. 

He will tune into your energetic field and pick up details about you that you didn’t even know about yourself!

He’s so sweet, supportive, encouraging and healing. He makes it really easy to share what’s on your heart. He’ll cherish it and honor it and translate it into the most beautiful design. You’ll feel seen and understood. 

He thanks his intuition for his ability to “get it” on the first try every time he works with someone new.

Learn more about Philippe here!