As a zealous acupuncturist, I use high grade medicinal essential oils to activate acupuncture points about as frequently as I use needles. Sometimes essential oils are all I use for my pediatric or needle-sensitive clients.
Be Your Own Witch-Doctor With Aroma-Acupressure

As a zealous acupuncturist, I use high grade medicinal essential oils to activate acupuncture points about as frequently as I use needles. Sometimes essential oils are all I use for my pediatric or needle-sensitive clients.

Besides smelling like heaven, a single drop of these refined oils is instantaneously transmitted across our entire fascia system and relaxes our nervous system within minutes. When specific oils are applied to specific acu-points, the therapeutic affects are magnified!

Below are the 3 Essential Oil / acupressure combos I use most frequently and why:

1. Lavender on the “Four Gates”

I love Traditional Chinese Medicine because it’s so poetic! The “Four Gates” are four points that are said to open up the gates between heaven and earth. How beautiful is that?

To be both humble like the earth and noble like the stars, we gotta get ourselves out of our own way. Should there be any “stagnant qi” or blockages, then our ability to be clear conduits is compromised. This may materialize as frustration and anger or feeling trapped, stuck, or like we’re working against the current rather than with it.

The microcosm reflects the macrocosm! If you’re feeling stuck in life or like everything is getting in the way of your vision, chances are there’s some “stagnant qi” within you. The Four Gates are powerfully moving! They are super great for stress management, cyclic thoughts, nagging feelings, and being overly critical of self and others. Apply lavender oil to these points to get out of your own way and tap into a more elevated perspective!

Apply lavender essential oil to your four gates to feel like you’re conducting business from a hammock . . . with a cocktail in your hand. Simply apply a drop of lavender to each one, unwind and enjoy! The first point is He Gu or “Large Intestine 4.” It is located on each hand dead center in between the web margin of your thumb and index finger. The second point is Tai Chong or “Liver 3,” and it located on each foot between the web margin of your big toe and second toe, about two finger widths towards your ankle. Palpate to find the most tender depression and apply the oil there!

2. Geranium on the “Chong Mai”

To be honest, geranium wasn’t my favorite scent. It’s really sweet and floral. When I found out it acts like estrogen in our bodies it made so much sense to me. It’s all about generating what acupuncture calls “yin” energy. This is the feminine energy, resting, digesting, accepting and receiving. The scent envelops you and creates a similar sort of harmony for you internally.

This essential oil is great at balancing hormones and when applied to our Chong acupuncture channel (a very yin channel), and it regulates blood sugar! Horrible periods? Crazy sugar cravings? Feel like your feelings are taking you for a ride? Please, DO THIS at home: Massage a drop of Geranium Essential Oil along the instep of each foot for 30-60 seconds. Watch as your hormones balance and your blood sugar stabilizes! Do it 2x daily and you’ll start experiencing results within 3 weeks. Make it a daily practice through the completion of the bottle for best results.

My clients come back telling me their acne is clearing up, they’re eating less cookies, and feeling more centered.

3. Rosemary on the Brain

Rosemary is a brilliant, uplifting, invigorating, stimulating herb that improves both digestive and mental health. In most recent studies, it’s been shown to fight Alzheimer’s, improve cognitive functioning, and aid memory.

Applying rosemary to our temples or inhaling it throughout the day will keep us young, energetic, and smart! ADHD? Sniff Rosemary Oil to help you focus and gain mental clarity.

If using high grade oils, they’re ingestible and you can add a drop of Rosemary Essential Oil to your water, lemonade, iced tea, or preferred beverage for your health!

For medicinal grade essential oils, some companies that I love are Floracopeia, Enfleurage, Mountain Rose Herbs, Snow Lotus, and Young Living.

Both Essential Oils and acupuncture work best with consistency. Just like going to the gym once won’t get us in shape, aroma-acupressure once will produce a very mild effect. The cumulative effects of daily application will produce the most profound results.

I challenge you to make this a daily practice for six months and record your progress!

What are YOUR favorite with-doctor aroma-acupressure rituals?

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