November’s Alumni of the Month is none other than Christine! Now founder of Channeled by Christine. 

It was a real treat having Christine read me (one of the requirements in becoming a Nuurvana Certified Psychic). She gives spiritual homework! At least to me she did. I live for this! I love when healers help their clients recognize how much power they truly do have. The reading was fun, empowering, sweet, supportive and really helpful.

You can schedule a session with Christine at a special Nuurvanian rate using the links at the bottom of our interview below:

Hey Christine! What have you been up to since the Program? Have you integrated it into your life? 

Actually, I recently started my own business as a psychic intuitive where I offer healing readings to clients, Channeled by Christine.

I grew up thinking I had magic within me and somewhere along the way that flamed was snuffed out. I studied finance and international business in college, and proceeded to work in finance for 14 years. I loved it at first, but it lost its luster early on in my career. For years I spent time thinking something was wrong with me. I had a great career that I did well in, but something was missing. I took classes, hired coaches, etc. It wasn’t until I learned I was psychic that something clicked, the magic was back. I slowly worked toward building a side hustle doing this new thing that I loved when I was suddenly laid off due to budgeting cuts at my firm. It was in that moment I realized the universe took the wheel and directed me to where I am now. I am now at the beginning of my next great adventure.

Love it! How would you say this is contributing to world peace? 

As someone who has been to therapy and received readings, I feel like a reading can be the equivalent of 10 therapy sessions. Afterward clients, and myself, usually feel seen and have a better understanding of themselves/their circumstances. This work that I’m doing contributes to world peace one person at a time. If one person feels seen, they are more likely to pay it forward and help someone else, who in turn could help someone else and so on. This ripple effect spreads love, helping more of us make decisions from a place of love rather than fear.

So beautiful. Finally, what does the Nuurvana mantra, “be light,” mean to you? 

I think of the act of “be light” as being a beacon and I imagine it as being a lighthouse. I make myself visible so others know there is a safe place to open up and work through what they’re going to. Embarking on this new career path, I feel like I am also an example of what is possible. It’s ok to change, evolve and trust your intuition. As my community watches me grow into the next version of me I hope it inspires other to follow their intuition as well.
Sounds good to us! Want to experience a session with Christine?
Happy healing, be light and shine on!