Did you know Chinese Medicine is based on Daoist Theory? Once upon a time in China, the Daoist observed nature and they learned a lot about themselves in this observation of nature. After all, “man is nature becoming aware of himself.”
Feelin’ a Little FUNKy?
Did you know Chinese Medicine is based on Daoist Theory?  Once upon a time in China, the Daoist observed nature and they learned a lot about themselves in this observation of nature.  After all, “man is nature becoming aware of himself.”

Lemme tell you a little bit about the nature of fall.  The leaves are turning, sun is setting earlier, the temperature is dropping.  It’s more difficult to be out and about and social, like we are in Summer.  Connection is turning from outside to within.  Even when we love the fall, most of us get a little nostalgic this time of year for what “was,” or even what “could have been.”

I mean, the plant life around us is starting to die.  It’s gotta inspire some sort of grief within us and might even feel like we’re dying inside a little.  It’s just nature running it’s course and if you’re feeling it, what you’re feeling is appropriate for this time of year.  Congratulate yourself, you’re in tune with nature!

Change is the only constant, yeah?  Seasons change.  Life is full of changes.  To expect to feel the same way every day is asking a little much, I think.  Accepting and honoring the changes – including changes in our emotions – will help us go with the flow and process the inevitable changes that are life with grace.

What we resist persists, therefore surrendering to how we feel will lighten the load.  It’s the pressure we put on ourselves to feel a certain way (joyous/content/even-keeled) that makes it tough to feel otherwise (sad/nostalgic/lonely) or just be.

Lucky for you, Fall is also all about letting go and surrendering!  Means, we’re able to join forces with nature on this one at this time and take the surrender to a whole other level!  And I don’t mean let go of expectations to feel a certain way.  I mean, let go of expectations period.

Simply observe what’s going on without judging it too much.  “Hmm, I feel sad.  Wonder what that’s all about?”  Just feel it out!  Sad is sad and doesn’t need to mean anything other than that.  It most definitely doesn’t need to mean there’s something wrong with you!

If energy is neither created nor destroyed, whatever it is your letting go of will only recycle itself into a new person, thought form, or experience in no time!  I say we embrace this death/rebirth/recycling process and act like we choose this!  Makes this change a little bit more graceful and empowering.

Could go like this;

“I feel sad.” (Observe the emotion.)  –>  “I believe I feel sad because I lost my best friend of 10 years.” (Explore with curiosity.) –> “I choose to let go of my best friend of 10 years.” (Choose to let go.)  –> “I trust that out of this loss a new, beneficial experience will come.” (Honor the laws of nature.)

There will still be a mourning process.  There will still be some grief and nostalgia, naturally.  But, this approach will help us move through the loss with a lot more grace and will keep our minds and hearts open to all the reasons why this loss is in service to us.

You feeling a little funky?  Neat.  Take a moment and see if you can tell what it’s about, what are you letting go of in your life?  May take some meditation.  I know my personal funk wasn’t so obvious.  I’ve recently stopped over-committing myself, meaning my calendar is a little less full and I am home more these days.  I am choosing to let go of my ever-busy self and my more eventful life.  I do trust that only good will come of this.  Still, a part of me misses that whirlwind of activity that was my life and that’s okay.  It’s perfectly natural, even!

And, of course, if you need some extra help with your personal funk, that’s what I’m here for!  C’mon in!

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