More that half of my May 2010 clients asked to connect with deceased loved ones. Most of you asked for guidance with your life path, your career, your children. Some asked if they were doing alright up there. And for the most part the loved ones answer with, “It’s great here! You’re great! Enjoy being great!” They almost laugh when asked about practical matters such as the home and career.
Hundred Meetings
“Be free where you are”  -Thich Nat Han

More that half of my May 2010 clients asked to connect with deceased loved ones.  Most of you asked for guidance with your life path, your career, your children.  Some asked if they were doing alright up there.  And for the most part the loved ones answer with, “It’s great here!  You’re great!  Enjoy being great!”  They almost laugh when asked about practical matters such as the home and career.  I often receive the impression that nothing tangible really matters.  Not the wealth, not the degree, not the house.    What matters most is that you enjoy life!

Yeah, that’s right!  Start having more fun, k?

When having fun, laughing, smiling, we are in “good spirits.”  Amusement, love, gratitude, joy, a sense of empowerment, and freedom are all spirit-like emotions.   When we are feeling these emotions we are in alignment with our full potential- don’t you always feel like you are on top of the world and there are endless possibilities when you are in “good spirits?”  It is the closest thing to being in-spirit while we are humans.

Do you think spirits care about what others say about them?  Or about what supposed obstacles may be presenting themselves?  They don’t!  They laugh and laugh and laugh!!   As though any of these things have any relevance to the context of our lives.  Aside from the emotional upset, they do not have any relevance at all.  We move past these things whether we are crying about them or laughing about them.  Try laughing at yourself next time things don’t go your way.  See what happens. Amusement is a powerful tool!

You may feel like you are fooling yourself, but what you are really doing is shifting energy.  You are transforming something heavy into something light and weightless.  Start off with this as a daily practice and soon it will become your lifestyle.  Imagine how easy all of life would be if you could transform all heavy to weightless?  It feels like floating and flying through life!   Not even the weight of your body can bring you down.

Furthermore, the amusement offers a more empowering perspective.  It’s a more elevated place to come from.  From here, you are able to see the picture with more clarity and understanding, thus, more inner-peace and personal growth exists when in “good spirits.”

Be free where you are.   Enjoying what you are doing matters more than what it is that you are doing.  You know yourself best.  What makes you smile?  What puts you in an instant state of love and gratitude?   For me, it is my gratitude journal.  Just a few lines of “I am grateful for _____” and I’m a whole new person.  I can do this anywhere!  Also, imagining people falling down will forever be a favorite of mine!  There are a few images running through my head right now. .  teehee.  Simply thinking about my brothers can move me to tears- I am exploding with love and gratitude for them!  And when I remember them, it puts all of everything into perspective for me.

What about you?  Do you need to decorate your office space to keep you in good spirits?  Maybe make ridiculous faces in the mirror?  Do you need to schedule more outings with your friends?  Wear or carry around a special gift you’ve received that always reminds you of how loved you are?  Whatever it is, do it!. . .   Are you laughing, yet?

Intuitive Acupuncture Point

Du 20, Hundred Meetings.  At the very top of your head, in line with the tip of your ears and your nose, is Du 20.  Also known as the crown chakra in classic Indian Vedic medicine.

As it’s name, hundred meetings, suggests, it the gathering place of all your ancestors.  It is through this acupuncture point that we are able to access wisdom from our ancestors.   The crown chakra is responsible for our connection to spirit.  (Cool when ancient philosophies overlap, yes?)  By opening this point, we are able to better absorb the energy of heaven/spirit/ancestors.  They have plenty of life experience and wisdom and can always provide us with reassurance or guidance when we need it.

There are a few ways to utilize this point.  You may simply apply pressure to this point with your fingers.  You may tap on the point with your fingers.  A nice visualization is imagining a golden column of light that shines from the top of your head all the way up into the heavens.  Close your eyes and simply watch the energy flow from up above into your head through this golden column of light, knowing that you are accessing ancestral wisdom and deepening your connection to spirit through this visualization.  If you like, you may ask some questions when in that space and see if you receive any answers in the form of words, images, feelings, or simply knowing.  Trust what you  are hearing, seeing, knowing.

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