We didn’t mean to have Illi to be our Nuurvanian for the month of October but the powers that be wouldn’t have it in any other way. It’s like October didn’t exist before Illi. I thought I was the biggest Harry Potter fan I knew, I was wrong. Illi is as brave and compassionate as Harry, as wise as Hermione as tender and earnest as Hagrid, as helpful as Hedwig and a humble leader like Dumbledore.

She is the perfect muggle-witch translator. If you are dating a muggle, working with a muggle or simply surrounded by them, she will help you understand them. She’ll help you share yourself with your muggle partner so they better understand you. Whether you’re a witch or a muggle, a session with Illi will leave you feeling seen, loved, valued and heard. 

Illi first started working with me when she was in her late teens. Can you handle it?! Since then, she’s become a Nuurvana Certified Psychic and has been a Guiding Light for three cohorts of our Program. She has her own healing practice that includes psychic readings (she’s sharp and quick!), sound therapy, and family constellation therapy amongst other healing modalities. Working with her is like connecting with a life-long friend who is your greatest cheerleader.

While she can do just about anything with her gifts from helping you heal past trauma, to connecting with the deceased to catalyzing your manifestations, below are a few of her favorite things:

  • Going deep. No subject matter is off limits- she’s a safe space to discuss trauma, sexual abusive, domestic violence and more. When healing with Illi, it won’t feel so dark and heavy. You’ll feel the light.
  • She’ll be your doula when you’re transitioning through a dark night of the soul. 
  • As a badass manifester herself, she’ll help you believe, trust and manifest with grace.
  • She loves you and loves holding up a mirror to your magnificence until you love you, too.

Visit Illi’s website, inLight in Love, to learn more about working with this Swirling Sprite!

Students of our Program get to work with her in intimate healing circles, through healing labs and discounted private sessions.