To have collided with the ball of ebullient joy that is Tim is one of my life’s enduring blessings. Tim is the kind of blessing that comes into your life and changes everything – and then stays. Tim has been there as a companion-guide and catalyst for healing -steady and certain- when it seems little else around me was. For sixteen years, Tim has walked and lit his path with me (I was one of his very first clients!). He’s joined me in transforming a path I once feared into a path of enchantment, a path where dreams come true. Tim’s been there through births, deaths, a marriage, a separation, a reconciliation, a career move, a relocation, and then some.

The readings themselves are very visual experiences, and extremely detailed. He sees things that seem impossible (think election outcomes), and then come true. Tim has not been “off” even once. I have recorded every session a, and cherish those records as I re-listen again and again.

M. Otis