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Maintaining Perspective, Maintaining Boundaries
“It’s not you. It’s me.” We’ve all heard this break up line. Maybe we’ve even used it ourselves. And although people sometimes joke about it being just an efficient way to cut ties with someone you don’t want to deal with, there is quite a bit of truth to this statement.

If you’re a sensitive person – and you probably are if you’re reading this – it’s easy to suddenly feel overwhelmed by other people’s words and actions. For some, this is the downside of being so in tune with the world around us. I’d like to offer a different interpretation. Recognizing this aspect of being a sensitive person can actually put you in better touch with your own intuition, your highest self.

When people say and do things that bother us or make us feel insecure in any way, it is important to stop and consider the likelihood that it is not about us. Rather, it’s probably more about them than anything else. And if it is about them, what a waste of time and energy to keep rehashing their words and repeating those scenarios in our heads! It can be hard not to go there sometimes, right?

Below I explain how to create a personal force field that will help you stay centered and maintain a clear perspective when you feel like the world is coming at you in all directions. It will prevent you from being knocked off your path or even beginning to go down that rabbit hole of “how could they?”

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a shield hovering in front of you, about arm’s-length from your body. The shield can be any shape, size, and color you like.
  2.  Now watch as this shield begins to orbit around your body. This space between your body and your shield is your own personal force field. Watch it orbit a few times.
  3. Now stop the shield from orbiting for a second and imagine writing your full name on the inside of the shield, signaling that this is your force field, where only your energy resides. Now allow the shield to begin orbiting again. As you watch it orbit, take some deep breaths and relax in this new safe space you have created for yourself. I also recommend opening your eyes and walking around some, sensing that your force field is in tact as you go about your day.
  4. Now imagine someone outside your force field talking. Watch as their words are absorbed by your shield. You are able to hear the words clearly but they do not penetrate your force field because the shield absorbs them. As this happens, you remain calm, breathing normally in this space created just for you. You are able to witness that their words are just words and do not affect you emotionally because you are protected. Practice this a few times, imagining different people in different scenarios that might normally cause you to feel annoyed, offended, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, stressed, etc.
  5. Another option is to imagine some kind of object other than a shield that helps you to feel safe and protected – a flower, a heart, a pillow etc. You can even imagine that you are inside a giant bubble. Whatever you choose, just make sure you create a space that is yours and only yours that allows you to interact with the world but maintains the boundary between your energy and others’ energy.

That’s it! You have learned to maintain your perspective by maintaining boundaries between your own energy and others’ energy. This will help you to better distinguish between your own energy/feelings and other people’s energy/feelings – a distinction that can very easily become blurred as we move throughout the day. I recommend engaging your force field every morning before interacting with the world in any way, whether physically or virtually – i.e., news, email, social media, texts. And you can reengage your force field as often as you like throughout your day.

Let us know what difference you notice when using your Force Field in the comments below!

May the force be with you,


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