💜We love Patricia because she embodies a message of empowerment and loving one’s self as is. She shines her light in life from the way she lives to the way she thinks about others and herself.
💜How the Be Light program impacted her:
“knowing everything I need exists within me.”
💜She helps people to learn to love themselves
unconditionally and set themselves free from judgment!
💜A practice that has helped her cultivate compassion
and empathy is continually putting herself in other people’s shoes and
thinking about what someone may have gone through in life.
💜She says she tries to “be light” by walking through life focusing
on the good that exists – which we think is so powerful!
💜She is constantly curious and trying to learn
or do something new every day.
💜She is passionate about taking care of herself and in
 feeling strong, energized and rested. “Getting proper sleep helps me
feel that way and is a huge priority for me.” YESSS we support
getting the sleep you need.
💜Read more about Patrica here!