The below four digital courses are our most popular course offerings… and THEY ARE ALL HALF OFF  from December 11, 2022 through January 1, 2022! 

When purchased, you’ll receive a welcome email with directions to log into your account. You’ll have immediate access to your new spiritual practice. This practice will be yours for life! 

** We’ll also be having a very special sale on our Becoming Light Program December 18, 2022 through December 25, 2022 and the first three items listed below are included in the program as free bonuses. If you’re interested in the program, check back here on December 11 to learn more about that sale!** 



nu it school – lifetime membership for  $277 (normally $555) Psychic toolbox – there’s a tool for everything 

    • For anxiety – grounding cord, popping balloons, spirit guides, astral travel 
    • For depression – run energy, golden sun, visit your spirit council, download an akashic record 
    • Heal trauma – healing past, relationship reading, past lives, golden grid
    • Conscious communication – heart chakra, throat chakra, conscious communication module 
    • I could keep going but don’t wanna over whelm ya! Check out this highlight reel to learn more.  
  • 35+ tools and growing. This year I added 6 new modules. I add to the tool kit in response to requests and the direction I witness the growth of the student population growing 
  • Monthly energy forecasts offer insight into the month ahead with timely suggestions and guidance on best practices for the month 
  • Best community ever! 
  • Access to me through the direct messaging

Nuurvana Coven use this link here to get your lifetime membership to nu it school here. 

New to Nuurvana?! Welcome! Use this link to join and get lifetime membership to nu it school here. 

This workshop is the one in highest demand. I’ve taught it to founders, ceos, mammas, at goddess circles, retreats, corporate wellness programs and so much more! The workshop you’ll be watching in this masterclass is from January 2018 with the HER community at the William Vale Hotel. It’s the most vibrant one I’ve led, yet and so I’m thrilled we have it recorded and am excited to share this powerful vortex with you! 

It’s super comprehensive and truly timeless. I revisit it annually, myself. 

Nuurvana Coven use this link here to get your the Manifestation Masterclass here.

New to Nuurvana?! Welcome! Use this link to get join and your Manifestation Masterclass here. 

Less than an hour long, but boy does this workshop pack a punch! It’s a recording from another beautiful HER event, so you know the vibes are high. 

In this recording, I talk about how this method has worked for me and for hundreds of others. It’s not easy. You’ll be guided through a visualization in which you face your fears. 

When this method first came to me I practiced it once each week for an entire year. I believe I was crying in fetal position each time. It’s not for the faint of heart. 

The outcome? Besides mental freedom, more peace and trust and a more expansive outlook? I quadrupled my income. I fell in love. I ditched old, unhealthy habits and grew new self-care practices. 

“Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.” 

~ Anaïs Nin 

This is a workshop in courage. 

Nuurvana Coven use this link here to get your the Facing Fears Masterclass here.

New to Nuurvana?! Welcome! Use this link to get join and your Facing Fears Masterclass here. 

This is a spiritual program to help you call in love. It’s intentionally kept super simple. 

It’s a mood lifter! I love this one so much! The visualizations are always exactly what I need for the day. I was doing it for about two months and immediately noticed a shift in my mindset, perspective, outlook and mood. I loved it so much! 

The romance I was attracting was exactly what I was desiring! 

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the most self-diciplined person. I fell off the wagon. I’ll revisit it for a couple of weeks at a time and love it when I do. It definitely adds some sparkles to my days but I haven’t personally kept committed to it long enough to offer you personal feedback. What I will say is that while half-passing it, the love (and sex!) I’ve called in has been exponentially better than what I was attracting before creating this course.

Most folks who practice daily find love within six months of practicing! 

The course follows my three steps in manifesting; 

  1. Desire 
  2. Give Zero Fucks 
  3. Give Abundant Thanks 
  • Each week a new phase will be unlocked. 
    • There will be a brief visualization for you to listen to each morning and evening 
  • The course will repeat itself again and again until you’re in the relationship of your dreams! 
    • You’ll cycle through the three phases repeatedly – desire, give zero fucks, give thanks 
    • I recommend you continue with the visualizations until month four of your manifested relationship just to keep the self-sabotage away 
  • Weeks four through six, you’ll also receive other spiritual exercises you may support your practice with. 
    • These are complementary to the course and recommended but not required. The course is really just a morning and an evening visualization you’ll listen to daily. 

Nuurvana Coven use this link here to get your the Manifesting Love Course here.

New to Nuurvana?! Welcome! Use this link to get join and your Manifesting Love Course here.