Spirits & Ghosts

Posted on: Oct 25, 2016

In previous blog posts, I addressed the importance of letting go, letting the dead leaves fall, and embracing the new, even when the new is unknown. I highlighted this importance by  illustrating for you what happens in the afterlife. As it is above, so it is below, right? 

You may remember, some spirits fully transition into the next realm and, when we channel them, we feel peace, infinite bliss, and serenity. When spirits fully transition into the next realm, they are spirits. They are beings without bodies, they have accepted the completion of their human experience, and they are embracing their current identity as spirits. Acceptance is key. 

Spirits may visit you and guide you regularly or as needed. They may adopt the role of spirit guides who specialize in certain areas of life – love, career, finances, or transitions. Other spirit guides may become life-long mentors and will not only show up as needed, but will be there offering you guidance, love, and support your entire lifetime. 

Some spirit guides may only show up when you call upon them. You may not feel their presence with you until you request their presence through intention, prayer, and meditation, aloud or in silence. They hear you and they are here for you.  

Other spirits keep to themselves and take the afterlife as a time for reflection and growth. It’s not that they are neglecting you, it’s just that they have a lot of work to do in their own spiritual evolution process. They are honoring their work before taking on a new body or connecting with their loved ones. I’ve noticed even these spirits will connect with us when we ask them to! 

Remember in the “What Happens When We Die?” post how I mentioned the beings that were lingering between this realm and the next realm? The ones that haven’t fully accepted their fate and still identify as human beings, although they no longer have bodies? They are often suffering and still thinking and processing like human beings, rather than being and experiencing like spiritual beings. These beings are commonly referred to as ghosts.  

The major difference between ghosts and spirits is that ghosts haven’t fully crossed over. While they are in spirit form, they still identify with their bodies, stories, and most recent lifetime. They haven’t fully accepted the completion of their most recent human life experience. They vibrate a little heavier and are a bit more dense, just like matter. Therefore, they’re often more palpable to us as humans than spirits may be – as spirits vibrate higher and are far lighter. 

I’ve noticed most of my clients have had some experiences with ghosts, whether in their childhood homes, in current homes, or when visiting particular locations. These ghosts are holding onto the human experience and fighting a good fight to be identified as human. Our flesh slows us down. Therefore, ghosts embody buildings to slow themselves down to an experience they can relate to (being in human form).  

Because they feel as lost, powerless, and confused, they tend to make their presence known by dominating the energy in specific locations – often, but not always, the location where they passed away. They are being “loud” because they feel unheard and unvalidated. In sessions when we listen to them and thank them for sharing, it shifts the energy almost immediately. We then offer them permission to transition in peace and they often do so.

As the brilliant, benevolent, Thich Nhat Hanh puts it,

“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment, he needs help.”

The same goes for ghosts. Should you feel scared in their presence, they need help. Their pain and suffering is spilling over.

We have some helpful hints for you, should you ever feel your home is haunted by ghosts, in our Haunted House YouTube video. Although, we’d strongly recommend you come in for a session so that we can help both them and YOU by facilitating their transition so that all beings may be at peace!

Whether you’re working with spirits or ghosts, please keep in mind that YOU ARE THE ONLY AUTHORITY FIGURE IN YOUR LIFE! You may ask your guides for whatever help you wish for! You may ask your ghosts to leave! You get to call all the shots! You got this!

Let us know your experiences with our spirit friends in the comments below! It’s so much more common than we know!