Everyone is so eager for change in the new year- or are we? When it really really comes down to it, hey, change can be scary. It’s often completely unpredictable. Transitions are often a huge leap of faith and one where there’s no telling where you’ll land or who you’ll be on the other side. You’re heart racing yet? We’ve been taught to fear the unknown. Meanwhile, isn’t everything unknown?
Transition? Do it with intention!

Everyone is so eager for change in the new year- or are we? When it really really comes down to it, hey, change can be scary.  It’s often completely unpredictable.  Transitions are often a huge leap of faith and one where there’s no telling where you’ll land or who you’ll be on the other side.  You’re heart racing yet?  We’ve been taught to fear the unknown.  Meanwhile, isn’t everything unknown?

Are you in the middle of a transition?  So many of my clients are growing and evolving!  So beautiful to watch!  Totally unnerving to experience.  It’s like being suspended in mid-air.  How bold and courageous of you!  As uncomfortable as this may feel, try and remember how things were before the jump.

Were you fed up with your situation?  Totally exhausted from being a slave to obligation, others, or expectations? Were you tired of working when you didn’t really wanna, working a job you didn’t love, or being in a relationship you couldn’t figure out why you were in?

If you’ve been feeling like something’s off or something’s missing for some time now, chances are you’ve been subconsciously asking for “more.”   You’ve been asking for a change.  You’ve been asking to live your full potential!  Yeah!

So here you are in the middle of this profound change and how’s it going?

The most common responses I’ve been hearing; “It’s lonely.  I’m scared.  I’m uncertain.  I don’t know what to expect.  Not sure what I want.  I know what I want, dunno if/how I’ll get it,” or the frustrated, “WTF is going on?!”  Experiencing feelings of confusion, fear, doubt, and uncertainty, to name a few.

Scary and unpredictable,  of course it’s lonely!  You’re a whole new you! Most of your friends know only how to relate to the old you, they don’t know what to do with this new you and you no longer know what to do with them- you may not be sure you agree with their perspective anymore, even.  It’s cool, often times we have all new like-minded friends waiting for us on the other side, yippee!

And lemme tell you, it wouldn’t be happening if you didn’t make it 100% clear to the powers that be (yes, that includes you) that you could handle it.  You’ve chosen this!  Good for you!  Bold and courageous you!  And, yes, perhaps you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into, but you’re here.  So now what?

You are displaying a commitment to your highest self!!  It may feel awkward for a bit, but you will adapt, we always do!  You will become accustomed to the new you and this new world you’ll find yourself in.  After relinquishing as much control, you may even find yourself more relaxed than you knew you could be.  You may find yourself confident in knowing that after all of this, after your life feeling like it’s been turned upside down and you’re still alive, there ain’t nothing you cant handle! You’ve experienced the unknown, gone through profound changes and you’ve gained valuable insight, awareness, and intuition on account of it!

For right now, how about setting some intentions?  Rather than focusing on where you’d like to land, think about how you’d like to feel once you get there?  Peaceful?  Full of bliss and gratitude?  Surrounded by love and support?  What was missing from your life that inspired this leap?  Intend on creating it for yourself!

When setting intentions, it’s important to declare our intentions in the present tense and really feel them.  As you are saying, “I belong to a loving supportive community,” really try to imagine it and feel it in your body.  Close your eyes to really connect with you, even. What does it feel like when you say, “I am ecstatic about being exactly where I am.”

We tend to be more powerful than we know.  Setting intentions IS effective.  Some magical stuffs happen in our brains when we allow ourselves to fully experience what it is we are intending.  I suggest you do this for yourself in the mornings.  Every morning.  Before you get out of bed, close your eyes and tap into the feelings of where you’d love to be right now.

Please note, this is totally different than imaging your dream job or dream relationship.  Don’t worry about the details as much as the feelings.  Like, if your dream job represents security, feel what security feels like in your body.

Have fun!  Where you’re at right now, anything can happen!  How about make manifest exactly what you’d like to happen!  Exactly who you’d like to be! You deserve this!

Do it for a week and lemme know how it goes, k?

*Read on to the next blog post, “Gushing Spring,” for the intuitive acupuncture point and qi gong meditation practice to help you feel grounded while you’re here flying in mid-air!

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