Bask Fearlessly!

Posted on: May 30, 2017

I’ve been hearing lots of talk about people listening to their feelings and honoring them. Times have been unusually rocky for many of us lately, and some of us are recognizing anxiety and depression we have never experienced before. Others of us are speaking up about our newly found fears, insecurities, and anger.

We can see beauty in this if we so choose. We can see people listening to their hearts and minds and words. We can see people honoring their emotions – acknowledging them head-on and speaking up about them. We can see people leaning on others for support, depending on one another. We can see people beginning to trust that recognizing their feelings is a healthy, important, and holy practice.

Rather than trying to harness a world that feels like it is spinning out of control, we are stopping to acknowledge the suffering that comes with trying to control that which we cannot. We are becoming more aware of how rationalizing away our emotions can lead us further out of touch with our selves, further away from our holiness.

When we are honest with ourselves about what does or doesn’t hurt, about what does or doesn’t feel right—even when doing so means we will have work to do—we partake in an act of compassion directed toward the self. We embark on the first step on the road to self-love: we begin to honor our highest selves.

And it is from this very place that we begin to grow! A step outside of one’s comfort zone, a foray into unchartered waters, a becoming of one’s own personal spring!

Spring has sprung, Friends. The sun is out. Let us bask fearlessly in the light of our highest selves. Let us recognize the power of letting go, as we sit quietly to listen and to honor, together.

Love and light,