Manifestation Starter Kit

Posted on: May 30, 2017

Beautiful tribe! 

Spring is here! When stepping outside, you’ll notice beautiful flowers in bloom and nature awakening from its deep hibernation. We are nature becoming aware of itself, meaning this is the season of NEW BEGINNINGS, manifesting, and materializing!

Ready to actualize all your dreams? 

In order to make space for the new, we must first clear out the old. If you still have some skeletons in your closet, past ish you’re holding onto, or a little bit of resentment you just can’t shake, then please get complete your lessons with all that first before skipping ahead to all the new you’re calling in! For the ultimate Spring Cleaning, please try our Forgiveness Completion Exercise!

This exercise can get emotional and it may be consuming, so it’s worth it to take your time with it. I’d suggest you set aside a good chunk of peaceful, isolated time to journal it all out, knowing we’re not only getting complete with the past but we’re always clearing the way for a more conscious future! 

Maybe you’re already complete with the past? Great! Then you’re at this next step! Check out our Spring Equinox and Persian New Year ritual here! It’s a witchy-fun one! Enjoy! 

And once all that space is cleared, we’re now ready to visualize all we’ll be creating! This is the fun part! Let your imagination run wild with our Intention Setting Ritual

In order to help our new beginnings come to fruition and be totally sustainable, we must acknowledge all our current accomplishments. Using our Celebrating Success tips, learn how to re-train your brain to enjoy these new beginnings and relish in them, so they’re not just fleeting things or experiences you’re collecting like clutter, but rather outward expressions of our soul’s desires that feel totally gratifying and elating! Celebrate your current success, create a positive relationship with success (and yourself), and enjoy all the euphoria your new beginnings are offering you!

Finally, since it’s Manifestation Season, now is the perfect time to watch our short, informative Manifestation Series on our YouTube channel. This covers all the do’s and don’ts and there’s a really powerful meditation I share with you! It’s the same meditation that helped me actualize Nuurvana, and everything else awesome in my life! May it be just as sensationally helpful for you!

One last resource for all our loves suffering from allergies! It’s just a call to spring clean your fabulous, divine body. Learn how to turn “ah-choo” to “whoo-hoo” here! 

Please brag away about all the wonderful new experiences you’ve materialized for yourself in the below comments! We are so motherf*cking proud of you and beyond thrilled to be celebrating all you are!