Be Light to Spread Light

Posted on: Feb 07, 2017

Seems like we’re all being triggered these days! Memories popping up from childhood and adolescence – our first disappointments, heartbreaks, or the first time we felt deceived, violated, silenced, insignificant, or shocked. It’s all coming up! May this guide help you get it out of your system so you may move forward in peace, love, and compassion in your mission of finding inner peace and contributing to world peace.

Recently, we filmed a “Healing the Holidays” series that speaks to some of these triggers – what triggers are, why they exist, and how to heal them and break free from the disempowering feelings and thoughts that accompany them. Right here and now, you’re an adult. You’re strong and powerful. You have a voice. You matter. You are significant. You CAN be the change you wish to see in yourself and in our collective. Sometimes when triggered, we forget that!

If it’s rage, frustration and judgement you’re experiencing, we filmed a brief 3 minute livestream for ya! Watch this “Channel Your Anger into POWER” video to help channel all your aggression into wisdom, insight, and advocacy.

If it’s burnout, exhaustion, hopelessness, mourning, grief, or disappointment you’re feeling, please do take great care of yourself! We cannot give from an empty cup. Healing yourself enable you to offer more to others and the world. These following articles will help you fill your cup and be a LIGHTHOUSE instead of a sponge:

“My Morning Ritual”

“Winter Time = Self-Care Time!”

“Why Meditate? SO Many Reasons!”

“Small and Sustainable: Rituals of Self-Care”

“Tools for Surviving the Collective Healing Crisis” 

If, like us, you’re feeling the need to be more and do more, then let’s do it together!

Learn more about our Healing Circles and come together with a like-minded collective that will support and inspire you and hold you accountable for being your brightest, loveliest, best self! We’re gathering our Light Leaders now and will be publishing local Healing Circles for you to attend in the very near future!

Also, read this blog, “9 Tips to Keep You Connected to LOVE” to help you open up your LOVE source and heart chakra to be of greatest service and awaken your highest self!

Our monthly Psychic Happy Hour phone sessions have never been more popular! Every second Friday of the month, our Nuurvana Clairvoyants open up their hearts and phone lines to offer you a powerful ten minute Clairvoyant Healing session for just $10. It’s incredible how impactful these mini sessions can be! Schedule yours today!

Let us know how you’re healing your old wounds and becoming a LIGHT LEADER during this triggering time. Let’s all unite in love and light and watch as our efforts flourish to heal us!