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Black Healers
Hi loves!

Below is a list of Black healers I highly recommend as our way of supporting Black businesses and in case our Black family would understandably prefer a session with a Black healer.

Below are angels I’ve personally worked with, value, trust, and adore. I’ve written a bit more about each one on my instagram, both in the BLM highlights and on my page:

https://erossoul.com/ – Ritual Tools For Sacred Practices. Candles and Baths made with love and fortified with power in New Orleans. 

https://www.instagram.com/ninajosephineburlesque/ – Crystal is a Tarot Card Reader, burlesque dancer, healer and philosopher. 

https://www.thecristalline.com – Rashia is the Resident Crystal Healer at the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel and also has a beautiful and healing product line, https://re-vityl.com/

http://www.sacredvibeshealing.com/ – Karen is an herbalist, author and teacher and her apothecary is like no other. 

https://authenticharmony.com/ – Amanbir is an acupuncturist, astrologist, herbalist, yogi, teacher, speaker and a vessel of pure joy, love, and radiant light. 

http://traceybyer.com/ – Tracey is who I go to for cosmetic acupuncture, she’s also an essential oil practitioner, theta healer and the high priestess you’ve always wanted on your team. 

https://www.instagram.com/syhayaaviel/ – Syhaya is a reiki practitioner, spiritual counselor, breathwork practitioner and yoga instructor dedicated to helping you honor your magic. 

Recommended by Your Nuurvana Coven: 

https://blackburlesquequeen.com/ – Perle Noir is a burlesque dancer offering self-love sessions, workshops and courses. 

https://www.alunamethod.com/ – Juliana aligns you with your own rhythms and patterns and helps you release limiting beliefs so you may live bigger in authenticity. 

http://ginabreedlove.com/ – Gina is a vocal priestess, sound healer, singer, songwriter and medicine woman and her folksoul is the medicine you’ve been waiting for.

I love you! I love us! Happy healing!

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