The number one question I’ve been asking my clients this past month. Oh, neat, you get mad? Can you accept that? Oh yeah, you’d like more attention from your bf? Cool. Can you accept that?
Can You Accept That?

The number one question I’ve been asking my clients this past month.  Oh, neat, you get mad?  Can you accept that?  Oh yeah, you’d like more attention from your bf?  Cool.  Can you accept that?

As humans we have a tendency to categorize, conceptualize, or understand life in terms of “good” or “bad.”  So, as a collective, we have associated certain emotions or behaviors as “good” and others as “bad.”  Energetically speaking, there is not a good or bad.  All of everything is neutral.

Most of our experiences can serve as great learning opportunities and deepen our connection with ourselves.  Yeah, even when we’re yelling and screaming at the top of our lungs- this, too, is an experience that may serve us.  *Should we choose it to.*

You wanna choose it to serve you?  A genius man once said,

Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. . . Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.   –   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Basically, drop the hate.  Drop the self-judgment.  Stop beating up my friend (YOU), okay?!  Let’s start by accepting ourselves exactly as we are.  Accepting and OWNING all the many dimensions that are within us and see how that feels for a change.

Oh, you get mad?  So what?  You prefer more attention than you wish you did?  Cool beans.  Now you know.  You like attention.  What’s the big deal?

If you catch yourself experiencing a thought or emotion or behaving in a way you are having a hard time accepting, take a moment to get still about it.  Learn from it and from you.

When in a safe & comfy environment, close your eyes and really allow the emotion to envelope you- how does it feel?  What’s the message behind this experience, behavior, thought, or emotion?  Can you remember how or why it came up?  What were you feeling or thinking just before the sad/mad/rage/jealousy/lonely/fear started taking the driver’s seat?  Take this as an opportunity to connect with yourself and better understand yourself!  Ask yourself questions and see what you come up with.  Become your own best friend, please!

Take it a step further and ask yourself, “Does this need to be resolved?  Is it interfering with my happiness and inner-peace?”

If you believe it does need to be resolved, how?  What can you do in order to prevent this emotion/thought/behavior from coming up?  And what if it does come up, what’s a good thing to do then?  Let your loved ones know!  Lay it all out on the table and it really won’t be such a big deal.  It’ll just be.

Next week I’ll let you know what intuitive acupuncture point always helps me accept the totality of me!

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