Last week’s mantra: “I unconditionally accept the totality of myself.” (Read about it in my last blog post.) I find this to be an incredibly effective point in really getting every cell in our bodies to be in alignment with this mantra!
Intuitive Acupuncture Point: Palace of Heaven

Last week’s mantra: “I unconditionally accept the totality of myself.”  (Read about it in my last blog post.) I find this to be an incredibly effective point in really getting every cell in our bodies to be in alignment with this mantra!

Palace of Heaven, Tian Fu, Lung 3

If you divide your upper arm from your armpit to your elbow into 3 equal parts, the Palace of Heaven is located at the top 1/3 line about 3ish inches from your armpit, depending on how tall you are.  Try looking at your right arm and placing your left index finger on your right thumb.  From there move your index finger all the way up towards your armpit- in line with that side of your palm and arm – to your elbow and continue up your upper arm.  Most of us will feel a dip just before reaching the armpit.  It’s not just any dip, it’s the Palace of Heaven!

What’s so cool about this point?  Why’s it so great at helping us accept ourselves exactly as we are?  Besides descending lung qi (energy) and allowing us to really breathe deeper and take in the totality of life and inspiration, and besides calming our “corporeal soul” (the part of our soul ascribed to the metal element- responsible for inspiration & letting go), this is one of only 10 “Window of Heaven” points in acupuncture.

The window of heaven points all connect our heads to our bodies.  You know, for times when we get a little too “heady” about things.  They help maintain proper qi flow so that ALL us is receiving nourishment and love and our head isn’t dominating all the energy. When in balance, our heads may serve us as our own personal heavens.  When out of balance, like way too effing much energy here, well. . . our own personal hells?

How about we call it a self-imposed prison?  As reference to the last blog post; so what if we get angry, weepy, or – brace yourself! – have needs!  NOT a big deal.  The steal trap that is sometimes our minds is more of a big deal cuz it’ll take our nature (be it our emotions or needs) and work it against itself.

It takes a lot of energy to create a steal trap/self-imposed prison.  TONS!  This point will help better direct some of that energy to the other very important 80% of our very special selves.  Yeah, our internal organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and all need some of that good stuff, too! This way, ALL of you, the totality of you, is nourished.  This way, energy does not get trapped or stagnant in that powerful mind of ours and so there is not an opportunity to build a trap.

Without that trap/prison, when all of our energy is flowing throughout our entire body as it desires to, we are able to better accept the totality of ourselves.  Beautiful!  Being on the lung channel, the channel that is responsible for structure & organization, extra flow and love here will help us release the notion of “good” and “bad” emotions or needs, so that we may accept information about ourselves at it comes to us and use it to our advantage!

Yes, I mean, expressing our needs.  I mean looking into why the pain, anger, fear, etc., may be coming up so that we may gain valuable insight into ourselves.  May we all use our insight to empower ourselves and create peaceful lives for ourselves.

Use Your Palace of Heaven

Get comfy, close your eyes, cross your arms and allow your thumbs to rest on your Palace of Heavens.  Heaven on earth?  Let’s do it!

Simply press into this point while taking in some deep breaths.  As you are breathing deeply into your stomach, imagine energy flowing up from your feet all the way to the top of your head.  Imagine that energy looping from the top of your head all the way back down to your feet and then back up again.  It’s a cycle.  Keep the cycle going.  Acknowledge your energy flowing both up and down simultaneously.  If you like you may imagine the energy as colors, light, strings, whatever helps you get the visualization going.  Or you may simply choose to focus on how it feels when energy is in constant harmonious MOTION in your body.  See or feel the flow of energy reaching every single aspect of the totality of you.

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