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Destruction and My Personal Spring Clean

After a long winter to close out 2020 (the year that felt would never end), I started to fear that spring would never come.  My loves, she’s here! 

And with her return comes a renewed energy, a pep in my step, and a personal desire to spring clean myself.  I need a good dusting off!  How about you?

I’ve been in a major destruction stage over about the last month.  Ever have those times where it feels like everything you touch breaks?  Ahem- that was me- literally.  I mean, things breaking off in my hands, appliances going on the fritz, the plumbing deciding to take a vacation. What also happened in this last month were MAJOR surprises that, in the moment, absolutely floored me and melted my heart.  

  • A got a totally unexpected beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my door from a friend out of the blue! Seriously, what? *swoon* 
  • I received a surprise gift in the mail from a new friend, Nicole.
  • I was given probably the biggest gift of my life completely unexpectedly. Y’all, still processing this one.  

The thing is, because things around me were falling apart and some of them were super urgent, my focus shifted to the destruction and away from the creation of all the new and wonderful things.  I was in react mode.  Looking back, I should have realized the minute the flowers arrived to calmly wait for things to break all around me, ha!  I should have taken inventory then of the things being destroyed around me that I hadn’t yet even noticed. 

Looking back, I could have also consciously decided to destroy things of my own choosing instead of waiting for the (literal) flood.  Destruction precedes creation. These two are always connected.  Think of it as destroying things around you to make space for all that is coming for you.  

What you focus on grows

Because I know that what I focus on grows, today I am consciously destroying even more to call in all that I’ve asked for, all the world has in store for me.  All I want is space.  Today, I am spring cleaning ME!

What does your personal spring clean look like?  Let us know at @nuurvana  on Instagram!

P.S. Big love and thanks to @meliniseri, @this.authentic.life, and @illi.m.g for our time this week, reminding me to lean into play and to clean that shit out! Love you! xx

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