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Tapping into YOU!
Did you know there are many different YOUs?  There’s the you who wakes up in the morning and thinks your first thoughts. There’s the you who works- be it working a job, cleaning up around the house, paying the bills, taking care of your children, your parents, your partner.  There’s the you who has all the lists- the lists of things you want to do, need to do, hope to do someday.  There’s the you who creates, who gets lost in flow of reading a good book, in cooking, in writing, in movement, in exercise, in your artwork.  There’s the you who rests, who sleeps, who recovers. So many yous who all have their own lists, their own needs, their own desires.

Let’s talk about another you…. your highest self, the YOU you.

How often do you communicate with that YOU?  How often do you allow yourself to find time to hear what that you has to say?  What that you has to offer? The you who knows you the best.  The you who truly has your best life as their first and primary interest?

In moments of overwhelm, in moments of doingness, of all the things on all the lists, check in and see what YOU have to say!  

Coming home to you

For me, I find that sometimes I’m more than eager to get inputs from all the other parts of myself and from others about all the things on all the lists.  Sometimes I find that in doing those types of check-ins, I am offered the opportunity to add more things to all the lists! And much like the story of the Goldilocks and Three Bears, I’m offered confirmation from others (or the other parts of myself) that:

  • I’m not doing enough
  • I’m doing too much
  • I’m doing just right

It’s always great to get a second opinion (or third, or fourth…).  I’m all for feedback.  Where I can sometimes get lost or confused in the feedback is that it’s through someone else’s lens of not enough/too much/just right.  It’s comparative. It can feel validating or invalidating when I forget that what I’m receiving is feedback and not fact.

When I tune in to get feedback from my highest self, the answers are often much simpler and don’t come with a lot of discussion or negotiation.  For me, it feels like, “How did I not know this already?”  The thing is, however, that my highest self offers no judgment, no ego, just fact.

Here are some messages I’ve received this week:

  • “Write it down.  You’re busy these days, and sometimes you can’t keep everything organized in your head.  It’s not a flaw, just a fact.  No need to judge yourself for keeping a checklist.  You’ll be back to regular programming shortly. It’s all good!”
  • “You’re outside of your routine.  It happens, all good!  You need a little extra layer of support right now.  It is disruptive when you’re working and getting home repairs done.  It’s cool to be stressed about it. Seriously, give yourself a break.”
  • “Remember to move.  Don’t go to bed without doing your exercise practice.  You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. I promise.”
  • “More water. That is all.”
  • “Stop it.  That’s not helpful. Change your focus.”
  • “Cool it on the screens, okay?”

The answers are often so simple that the other parts of me are putting their collective palms to their foreheads saying, “Remember, silly, the simplest answer is often the right answer.”

There is such power in habit.  We walk through so much of our lives on autopilot and in production mode (read: doing, doing, doing) that we sometimes forget to check in with the person who knows us best.  Hint: It’s YOU!

Often, we arrive at this conclusion in a moment of surrender and our highest self is always waiting there to offer us feedback and guidance. How about we try, for today, to check in as a preventative?

Connecting with YOU in less than five minutes

  • Set a timer for four minutes 
  • Take a slow and deep breath, inhaling, exhaling, allowing the eyes to close, getting comfortable
  • Feel the body getting heavier starting at the top of the head and moving through the body all the way down to the toes
  • Repeat to yourself 5-10 times, “I am neutral. I am here to receive without judgment.”
  • Imagine a grounded platform out in four feet in front of you 
  • On that grounded platform, see a screen of some type (computer screen, projector screen, TV, crystal ball)
  • On that screen, visualize YOU, your highest self (note: this can look just like you, it can also look like an avatar of you, an orb of light, a flower, whatever works)
  • From the center of your relaxed awareness, looking out onto that screen, ask your highest self questions like:
    • “How do you think I’m doing these days?”
    • “What information do you have to offer about x?”
    • “How can I best move forward?”
    • “What do you see as the issue here?”
    • “Any other insight you’d like to offer?”
  • Be in neutral receiving mode as you’re asking these questions.  Trust what comes.  These messages might come through to you in a variety of ways: you might hear the message, simply know the message, you might see the answers through action on the screen, you might just have a sense, a feeling in the body.  All good!
  • As your timer goes off, offer your thanks and see all the images on screen going down into the grounded platform.
  • Watch the screen collapse in on itself and go down the grounded platform.
  • Watch the grounded platform retract so that you can no longer see it.
  • Set a timer for one minute
  • Grab a pen and paper, open a voice app, or grab your phone/computer to take note of what you received.  
  • Congratulate and acknowledge yourself for giving you the gift of YOU for five minutes!


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