So. You’re ready and willing to forgive, just dunno how? Done running the script in your mind, don’t really care if you have closure or not, you just want out of feeling this way? Let’s visualize to materialize!
Forgiveness Series | Visualize Materialize

So.  You’re ready and willing to forgive, just dunno how?  Done running the script in your mind, don’t really care if you have closure or not, you just want out of feeling this way?  Let’s visualize to materialize!

Depending on where you’re at with your forgiveness process, this may take just a few repetitions or it may take weeks to months for it to fully sink in.  Please try not to judge yourself for how long it may take to feel liberated from the grudge!  Please DO acknowledge yourself for being as willing to let the pain go and for doing the work, even when it feels uncomfortable!  YOU’RE F*CKING AWESOME!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

1. Visualizing Happiness

I am borrowing this one from Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life.”  (One of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read and continue to re-read throughout the years as I move into the deeper layers of my psyche.  Haven’t read it?  Try it out!)

If there is someone you desire to forgive, simply imagine them sitting on a stage.  Focus in on them and try and imagine them laughing.  See if you can hold an image of them laughing for about a minute.  Watch them exit stage.

If this feels like torture to you (ha!) it’s totes normal!  When you’re actually happy that they are happy,  you’ll know you’ve truly forgiven them.  Sometimes it takes a day, other times it takes months.  Keep practicing it daily until it feels so so gooood!

Next, imagine yourself on stage laughing.  Hold this image for about a minute.  Thing is, we are the common denominators in all our life experiences.  The person that really needs to be forgiven is often ourselves.  This is your opportunity to extend some compassion towards yourself!  Watch yourself on that stage laughing so hard that it makes you laugh out loud!  Don’t you deserve to feel this great? Yes! Yes you do!

If practicing this one, please be certain to always end it with you on stage laughing.  It all comes back to YOU loving YOU.  May you feel liberated and empowered by your own love!

2. Hug it Out

Pretty simple.  You can visualize yourself hugging the person you desire to forgive.  Hold the hug as long as it takes and really take the feelings of it in.  The softness, the vulnerability, the sweetness, the unity. . . Hold the image and sit witness to what all feelings it brings up for you.  Allow the feelings to wash over you.  What we resist persists.  Try and just sit there holding this image, feeling these feelings, until you feel complete.

For me, this one serves to remind me that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS and all the pain and b.s. that may have happened was just an illusion caused by fears/worries/insecurities/whatevs.  This one brings it back to the love for me.

If you feel like you could use some validation dialogue before the hug, go for it.  Imagine the two of you standing face to face.  Take a moment to express all that is on your mind and weighing heavy on your heart.  Let it all out!   Imagine them nodding, listening, and apologizing.  You may imagine them saying all the things you would love to hear!  Really take those messages in.  This is your chance to validate yourself.  Then following the verbal exchange, hug it out.  xx

3. White Light

Whomever it is you’re forgiving, imagine them wrapped in white light.  White tends to represent transmediumship, angels, or divine help energy.  Wrap them up in white light until all you see is light and you’re able to recognize them for their LIGHT, not their personality or ego.  You can then let them go, watch the image fly away.

Now wrap yourself up in white light.   Surrender to the light.  Let it hold you up.  Let the light have your back.  Get lost in the light.  Hold this image until you feel at peace.

This one is kinda like asking for higher help.  Like, “I dunno if I can do this alone…I’m really having a hard time not hating this person right now.”  You don’t have to do it alone!  You don’t have to force yourself to feel anything!  Let the light help ya out!  Just hold the visualization!  Repeat this daily until you feel a shift.

Lemme know how it goes!  Did you prefer one over the other?  You feeling a shift, yet?  Leave your comments below!

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