From Ah-choo to Whoo-hoo! Treating Spring Time Allergies

Posted on: Mar 20, 2015

Yippeeee!  Spring is here!!! Along with beautiful flowers, perfect weather and all sortsa personal growth, spring tends to come with some sneezes and watery eyes for some.  Below are my top 5 tips on how to treat allergies holistically and prevent them from reoccurring next year!


1. The Neti Pot! I know it’s a little weird and kinda gross… but, seriously, shoving saline water up your nostrils works wonders on allergies!  This is one of my favorites!  I’d recommend doing this once to twice a day for at least a month and then you can reduce from there.  At this point, I neti every 2-3 days and am still allergy (and under-eye bag) free!  I make my own mixture of Himalayan Sea Salt and Tumeric that I dilute in hot water, but you can start with the solutions included in the kits for starters.  Read more here.

2. My second fave solution is Chinese Medicinal Herbs!  These magical gifts from Mama Earth have been helping me treat my allergies for years!  Either come in for yours or contact me for an herbal consult and I’ll customize the perfect potion for you!  Buh-bye brain fog, hello clarity!  And itchy, watery eyes, you’re outta here, too!  Read more here.

3. Okay, it’s all about up-ing your immune system and calming your nervous system so that your body doesn’t recognize your environment as a “pollutant.”  How?  Try increasing your Vitamin D supplement! Works both your immune system and chills your nervous system.  Helps your thyroid, too!  So you have enough energy to naturally shield yourself from whatever’s floating around in the air.  Feel energetic and healthy no matter where you are, whatever season it may be!  I know it sounds like a lot, but 20,000 IU’s tends to be a pretty safe dosage for most patients to start off on.  Def consult your physician/acupuncturist before self-medicating.  Read more here.

4.  Other supplements I love for allergies, upping the immune system and over all well-being are: Quercetine,  Co-Q10. I love ’em so much I have’m here at Nuurvana for ya!

5.  Obvi, ACUPUNCTURE!!!  The results are amazing!!! For some people one session does it, others require weekly sessions.  Hey, an hour of R & R that will greatly benefit your sleep, digestion, mental health, LIFE per week to reduce allergy symptoms?! Sign me UP!  As always, the YinOva Center does an extraordinary job of explaining Chinese Medicine’s how’s and why’s.    As always, I’d be humbled to be of service to ya!  Book your session here and say, whoo-hooo to Spring Time Fun!!!