Whether a friendship, a relationship, a career space, or any other type of energetic agreement between two or more parties, it looks to me as though now is the time to let go the past, accept and embrace your current self, and welcome the new!
How and Why to Let Go
Letting Go.

Whether a friendship, a relationship, a career space, or any other type of energetic agreement between two or more parties, it looks to me as though now is the time to let go the past, accept and embrace your current self, and welcome the new!

The hesitation in letting go of our current relationships or agreements tends to sound like this:

“Ak! But, I’ve invested so much time in this! What does it mean if it doesn’t work out? Have I been lying to myself this entire time? Have they been lying to me? Breaking up feels like, I’m invalidating our entire exchange.”

“Grrr, but we love each other so much! Why can’t it just work out? There is so so much love! I just don’t get it.”

“Ok, ok, I realize I’m not 100% thrilled about this, but c’mon, what if this is as good as it gets? I’m trying to be practical about this situation, here.”

And here is my ultra-long response addressing each of the above three concerns:

Yes, you have invested so much time! Good for you! We tend to only invest time in things that serve us to some level. What you are showing me is that although the frustrations, up until now this connection/agreement/relationship has been serving you. Cool. Neat. Wonderful, even! So you’ve been learning, growing, LOVING!!! Please do celebrate this! But, uh, is it still serving you?

Disconnection does not invalidate the connection! In the words of Marianne Williamson, “The love you gave was real. The love you received was real.” A decision to discontinue the agreement does not declare a discontinuation of love! Nor does it invalidate the love! In my opinion, to discontinue something that is no longer of service to us is more rooted in love than to continue an agreement that is hurting us, right?

Love is abundant in nature. Fear is limited in nature. When choosing love over fear, we recognize and trust that all of everything is working out for everyone’s highest good. Yes, trust is a reflection of love. We trust that there is an abundance of love for all. We trust that we will always be surrounded by love, and will always be living in love whether this one single agreement is in our space or not.

When we choose fear, we limit ourselves to a relationship that is no longer serving us as way of “proving” our love, or perhaps accepting and declaring that this is “as good as it gets.” Again, love is abundant- there is not a finite amount of it. No need to “hold on” to love. It ain’t never gonnna run out! And the more you act out of love, the more you’ll feel, know, and trust this! Love’s one of those cool things where the more you give, the more it grows. Having to “prove” or “hold on” to love is like saying that there are conditions and limits to this powerful force- ask yourself if you really believe that. Do you really believe in a conditional love? Do you believe love is limited in nature?

Again, letting go of a relationship (be it career, romantic, friendship, or whatevs) is NOT letting go of love!! It’s letting go of an agreement. Huge difference! Love is energy, a force. To me, it’s an absolute truth. Our attachments to agreements, however, are often constructed from our so very human minds. There are often expectations involved, desired outcomes, personal interpretations of the reality of things and a whole lotta other limiting, mind-oriented factors to take into account. Factors that are often more fear-based than love-based. When letting go of such human constructs, we make more space for love- not the opposite. Liberate yourself from fear-based limitations, and let the abundance of love in!

Intuitive Acupuncture Point

TaiYuan, The Great Abyss, Lung 9

When looking at your palm, this point is located under your thumb, at your wrist crease.

In Chinese medicine, the lungs process grief. Whereas the entire lung channel will help us process grief and let go, Taiyuan, The Supreme Abyss, is the ultimate “let go” point. For starters, it’s a wonderful point to promote the descending function of the lung- you know, descending, releasing, letting go, going with the natural flow of things.

It’s the earth point on a metal channel. Earth being the mother of metal, this means that this is the most powerful point on the channel to boost lung qi or yin. Who’s not feeling depleted when processing grief? The extra love and energy is nourishing and supportive of the process, not to mention NEEDED during such times.

The Supreme Abyss is known as the “meeting point of the vessels.” When balanced and full of energy, this means wonderful circulation in the chest and heart space. If deficient, however, this can lead to the feeling of oppression in the chest and heart. Basically, this point will help heal a broken heart. It’ll help you breath deeper and really take in all the inspiring aspects of life to help smooth a transition and give you your umph back!

Try pressing on this point, while repeating, “I let go with ease and love. I flow with the process of life.” You may want to close your eyes and really meditate on your mantra and on this point. Be sure to breath deeply to really engage your lungs, as to stimulate this point from the outside and the inside.

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