Intention-Setting! Believe it to See It!

Posted on: Mar 20, 2015

Haaaaaaappy New Year my incredible, astounding, breathtakingly beautiful energy workers!! I am so honored to embark on another cosmic 365 day journey with each and every one of you; how blessed am I to share this path with you?! Soooo effing blessed!! I appreciate you, I love you and I send you all of the love and light I can muster as we embrace this enticing gift of a year before us. Let’s make this year ours, shall we?!   Out with the old and in with the new, yes? YES!


“Intention is the core of all conscious life. It is our intentions that create karma, our intentions that help others,our intentions that lead us away from the delusions of individuality toward the immutable verities of enlightened awareness. Conscious intention colors and moves everything.” ~Master Hsing Yun


There is an incredibly powerful force within us that is able to create, or consume, anything and everything that we so desire. This force is the power of intention and it is EXTRAORDINARY!.


This particular force is just jonesing to catapult itself into the universe and help attract back to you all of the things that you want in your life (or push away those that you don’t want if need be). Yup! That’s how ridiculously awesome the power of intention is, and let me tell you… we ALL have this kick ass power – we just have to learn to harness it, and Imma ‘bout to teach you how!!


It’s important to point out that intentions and goals are different things. Sure, they’re pretty much besties and make an awesome team, but they are independent of one another.


*When we set a goal, we systematically analyze the realistic ways of achieving them.


*When we set an intention, we kiiiiiinda put the reasoning to the side, focus our love and light on a desired outcome and surrender the process to the universe.


This is what the universe is there for, ya’ll!! To take us in, comfort us, recycle our own energies and present us with all that we want and deserve.


OMG, there are sooooo many different rituals to assist us with communicating our intention to the universe! SO many!


All we need to do is focus on what we intend, write it down to make it “official” and then we can burn that paper, bury it, hide it for safe keeping, share it with a loved one, or any other action that helps us feel comfortable with releasing the intention into the universe; trusting that the process of obtaining what we desire will be successful. No telling yourself that you “can’t” have it or “don’t” deserve it…. BECAUSE YOU SO DESERVE IT ALL!! And the best way to get it is to believe it!


Intention is also a SUPER important component of meditation, too!! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE using the golden sun tool in meditation? AH! It is the best!!! SOOO powerful and so satisfying!! Try it out during your next meditation and let me know how much you love it in the comments below!!


Here’s how you do it:


-Once in your meditative space, try envisioning a large, golden sun right at above 2 feet above your head.

-Fill this sun in with golden light.  Watch as it fills up.  Notice it gets brighter and more radiant as it fills in.

-When it’s all the way full, write your intention across it.  My go-to’s are; inner peace, world peace, and self-love.

-Make a small opening at the bottom of the sun and have all that golden goodness fill YOU up!  It comes in through the top of your head (at your crown chakra) and drops straight down to your toes and fills you in from toe to head.

-Can you feel it?!  To me it feels energizing, uplifting, and comforting.

This is you filling in with your personal power and your personally set intention(s).  This is you programming each one of your cells to vibrate at YOU and your personal intention(s).  Do you feel it?!!! Try it out right now and see how the rest of your day goes!
And that, my loves, is how to start 2014 out RIGHT!! Start it out YOUR way, and trust that the universe will provide you with all that you deserve and desire. I would LOVE to hear from ya’ll regarding your own intention-setting rituals, what you want out of the new year and how you will attract it to yourself. There’s no right way, there is only YOUR way, and we all wanna know about it!!